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    ..and in the context of "proof why warrior tanks are bad" or "reasons why you should pick x over y for your run" is simply wrong.
    They aren't bad, just suboptimal and when it comes to "reasons why you should pick x over y for your run" the differences are significant enough for those who care. A lot of players enjoy min-maxing, who would've thought.
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    This several extra "dmg taken %" from talents and % of effective armor with more reliable tanking mechanics mean a lot when you go for hc fights instead of overgeared clears. Not to mention aggro issues.
    But good thing about war is that he is best "emergency" tank among all 4 tank classes. So no need to be upset. Just deal with what we have

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    Not that this was exactly riveting before, but I'm bored of this and I'm sure everyone repeating the other half of the argument is too. There's nothing novel in this thread for people who want to play prot warriors or people who don't want to play with prot warriors.

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    prot warr is a pvp spec in wrath end of story.

  5. 3 Days Ago  
    Yes, PvP spec with which you can tank any encounter in the game.

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