1. Question about season end

    First of all i want to apologize if my question is already answered(actually i am sure it is BUT i really cannot find where, searched for a long time and asked many people).
    I am aware that when the season at Frostmourne comes to an end, the characters will be transfered to Icecrown. But my question is - What happens if i have 9 characters on Icecrown? Are they gonna transfer just the first one i created at Frostmourne and the others are gonna get deleted ? Or maybe they will let me choose ? I am also aware Warmane tries to keep the game as original as possible which would mean they will NOT just add bonus slots to character select screen. I am also sure they will not make another accound for people like me because that would be a lot of work.
    Sorry for the stupid question..

  2. the frostmourne thread http://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=415559

    says "Q: When my characters get moved, what if my character list is already filled?
    A: We have methods of addressing this very easily. We will speak about this when the time comes."

    i believe it was mentioned something alone the lines of a website storage, where you could move characters to and from. not sure if if was ever mentioned in any detail.

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