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    Need some help with a character

    A friend of mine started his own character on my profile , yet we had no idea that we can't log at the same time until now . Is there a way I can give his character to a new account ?

  2. 1 Week Ago  
    Only through Warmane's trade section. He'll have to buy it for coins from you.

  3. 1 Week Ago  
    But I have no coins to put the character on trade :/

  4. 1 Week Ago  
    But I have no coins to put the character on trade :/
    You don't need coins to put it on trade, the coins get deducted from the account AFTER the trade, however you do need to be a donor (10+ $) to be able to use trade section and so does he on his other account.

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  6. 2 Days Ago  
    https://www.warmane.com/account > Donate

    Btw what level is his character? if it is a low level he can just ignore it and begin a new character with his new account

    That said, do you guys play on the same realm?
    if you guys play on different realms it should be possible to be online at same time

  7. 1 Day Ago  
    You may want to check how many coins it takes to trade the character first. Get coins to buy it, or just make new character.

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