1. 1 Day Ago  

    How can i trade my toon on my second account ?

    First of all.. I know.. " second account sounds *****ic.. " But it is what it is..

    Now.. simple thing is.. I want to trade one my toons to that account.. trading on website put it above 150 coins.. which I obviously don't have. I obviously need all the gold and inventory. so I cant remove it. So can I trade the toon from one account to another for.. lets say 10 coins ? even if the auto-set price on the website is above 150 ?

    Please help with this.

  2. 1 Day Ago  
    You can't. Putting it on trade is the only way of transferring the character to another account. And the price can only be lowered by removing items. If you want it with all the items, you have to use the minimum price that Warmane sets.

  3. 1 Day Ago  
    Best option for you - level new character on 2nd account, sell one that you want to and use coins to get one key item for your new character. BTW, chars with non BiS/ultra rare items have close to 0 chances of being sold

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