1. Massban for exploiting of a boss

    many people now got banned for boss exploiting and I would be curious about any details. Many bosses are bugged and the line between exploiting and just playing whatever encounter we are presented with seems to be more blurry than I expected it seems. I genuinely dont know what caused this ban and it kind of sucks to be unable to play without knowing the reason for it. I am playing here on warmane since multiple years now and this is the first time something like this happens to me. The worst part is probably that I am now even unable to log into lordaeron. This really isnt the way to grow frostwolf's playerbase. I like the server despite it's bugged state, but banning people on all servers for playing those bugged encounters here is a bit ridiculous and really makes me rethink playing here until I know what caused the ban.
    At least tell us what gets us banned and what is considered a specialty of the server. Are hunters which use more than 1 quilen about to get banned? Is everyone expected to read up how mechanics worked on blizzard servers and arent allowed to do anything, which goes against that, or can we just play the server in the state it is in?(apparently not)

  2. Hey, Quilens i doubt it was the motive cause its a bug and was reported for years i guess. For your information u can only use 1 brez on 10 man and 3 on 25. At the moment each hunter can use 5 brez.

    It was probably something else you did to kill a boss, like bugging him, moving him from ita area do make him not cast mechanics, exploit something to make the boss dummy.

    My last known example of that was Thok being dummy after second phase start but i think it got fixed.

    Next time just watch some raid fights on youtube and if ur raid do something different to avoid some mechanic try to understand if thats legit.

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  3. I still freshly remember we get mass ban (I think from dark shaman when it was first released) with all place is full or tornados and can oneshot our tank by running back towards iron jugg place (which doesnt defined by gate close or anything). Later it became the norm while one druids run faster than boss (i dont remember which boss that they usually kite to even galakras place) while killing the other boss.
    For sure the logical thinking is moving the boss to place without tornados right? Its not we make em stuck or anything.

    Hey feralin hope u can carry run me :D, and do tot hc again in sometime. I miss durumu :D

    Best Regards
    Edited: November 25, 2020

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