1. Retail-like Weak Auras UI for Discipline Priest

    Discipline Priest Priest Weak Auras

    Hi there guys. I'd like to introduce myself before explaining what I'm about to share. I'm Lunminas, a Disco Priest main from the guild <Fade>, I've been playing on Warmane for around 3 to 4 years now with some experience on retail.

    This Weak Auras was made in attempt to fulfill something that's been missing from the contemporary Wrath of the Lich King community: New and updated User Interfaces. This project is essentially a start to make the 3.3.5a experience inherit some of the best improvents from retail content. Taking into consideration that Weak Auras 2 has been updated in August to be compatible with a plethrera of components from the origial retail addon, it's now possible to develop clean, functional UIs on it's new 2.18 build, with added effects, conditions, triggers, etc.

    With this, I'd like to share my WA Import, but do realize that this does not work with old version of Weak Auras.

    If you're unsure where to download the new version, check for Bunny67's Weak Aura 2 Github repository. The build should be there.

    Without further ado, here's the UI.


    There's one main group and another auxiliary group linked to the main one for this UI, they are separated in order to keep things organized. All the dynamic groups are dynamic for a reason, you won't see the UI this clogged, the screenshot shows all icons for all groups.

    • The main group displays your main abilities such as PW:S, which displays current ammount of affected units, also tracking your Aegis, that's the smaller, yellow text. PoM displays ammount of stacks and CD, Penance only displays cooldown, PS and PI have the exact same back-end, minus the special glow on PI. They both have aura for when ready, using and on CD.
    • The bars on the sides are your Hymns, both of them have special effects when ready, using and on CD.
    • The bars on the middle display your health and mana. They have a built-in GCD and Cast bar as well.
    • The second group displays some less than important cooldowns and a GTS tracker, if you have it eqquiped.

    Things to note
    This UI has certain common characteristics, such as displaying important rotation abilities and cooldowns with glowing outliners for high priority purposes and also cooldowns with a desaturated textures so you know what's not up to be used. Important abilities will also display unique effects.

    Comments on the UI

    Since the Holy priest isn't that far away from the disc spec in terms of utility, it was quite easy and fast to make this UI. I kept the particles to a minimum though, for simplicity and compactivity's sake.

    Please do take note that this Import only works on version 2.18 of Weak Auras(Bunny67's), and also that resizing the original UI is done through the Main Rotation group, simply go to Main Group, group, Group Scale.


    As I said, this build is separated in 2 groups so we can keep it organized and modular. If there's things you don't want in your UI apart from the main group, you can simply not download it and it'll work just fine, also, the pastebin links can be changed easily, so if there's a new build, check the changelog and understand that it's already updated. With that being said, here are the links:

    1. Discipline Priest (Main Group)
    2. Discipline Priest (Bottom Group)

    More of my UIs
    Did you like my UI? Please, make sure to check the rest! I'm attempting to make UIs for all classes. If you are interested, please check out this project's main thread for more.


    v1.0 (24/11/2020) - Released
    Edited: November 25, 2020

  2. Hi,

    cool WAs thanks for sharing :) How do you track Rapture procs? Have you considered making a weakaura for that?

  3. May 26, 2021  
    There's an addon for that:
    Ingela's Rapture

  4. July 6, 2021  

    cool WAs thanks for sharing :) How do you track Rapture procs? Have you considered making a weakaura for that?
    yes you can make an aura to track /wa > New Aura > Progress Bar > Trigger Tab > Type Event > Event Combat Log > Message Prefix Spell > Message Suffix Energize > Source Name Your Name > Spell Name Rapture > Hide Timed 12
    Edited: July 6, 2021

  5. Gts wa

    The GTS Weakaura does not seem to be working , or at least not with Normal GTS. IS there any solution or is there other problem? Not a single WA that has Trigger "GTS equipped" wasnt working until i deleted that trigger , then they worked fine but with my priest even if i have GTS on me is just doesnt seem to work

  6. It may be working based on the buff ID. If that's the case, you may want to go into the affected WA and update it for the ID of the normal GTS buff.

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