1. Frostmourne - Wrath of the Lich King Seasonal Realm

    Greetings Warmane community,

    After many years of dedicated hard work and experience we gathered in hosting great gaming experiences that many can enjoy, we are at a point, once again, where we would like to introduce to you our next project.

    We decided that our next realm should be a hybrid of our two most successful realms, Lordaeron and Icecrown. Fusing Lordaeron's content difficulty that has been modified and adjusted over the years based on countless players' suggestions and feedback, and Icecrown's fast-paced gameplay experience.

    Due to the indisputable high popularity over the years of Icecrown and in an effort to reduce the queues and player load, we have decided to come forth with Frostmourne, the next realm with the Warmane brand of quality.

    Frostmourne is set to release on April 15, 2020.

    The next step on our path is to create a seasonal realm. The purpose of this realm is to recreate the experience we are all fond of, but instead of making it a one-way trip, we will create a seasonal journey from start of Naxxrammas to end of Ruby Sanctum for everyone to enjoy. Players interested in raiding content, will be able to enjoy the chase towards sieging Icecrown Citadel from the beginning and compete against other guilds. Players interested in PvP will be able to enjoy an ever-changing meta with gear switching up every season and the best of the best will be able to obtain rewards and fame.

    The armory itself will contain per-season specific rankings of players and the top players of each season will receive unique rewards. Season specific goals can change from season to season, assuring a fresh way to compete and different goals can be modified rewarding unique things that were never rewarded before such as achievement hunting, questing and more!

    • Experience rate will be same as on Icecrown: x7
    • Raiding content will be tuned as current Lordaeron's content is tuned. This is not the same as on Lordaeron launch, as we have refined the difficulty over the years considering large amounts of player feedback, striking a balance and achieving content difficulty that is challenging but far from impossible for the average player. This is still in the stage of careful consideration and community feedback is welcome.
    • There will be two raid resets in one week, one to enable playing on weekdays and one to enable playing on weekends.
    • Crossrealm will be activated for battlegrounds, but various measures will be in effect to ensure that players you find yourself against or allied with will be on equivalent standing in terms of gear.
    • Marketplace will be similar to Icecrown model.
    • Character trading and the trading system will be available as on Lordaeron.
    • Characters will be moved to Icecrown, once the season ends, assuring a fresh competitive realm each time a new season starts.
    • The season is set to last 12 months. The content will be divided in four tiers. The content of the first tier will be available on day one. Every three months, the content will progress further.

    Spoiler: Show

    Time after launch - Content released

    Day One - Naxxramas, Vault of Archavon (Archavon), Eye of Eternity, Obsidian Sanctum, PVP Season 5

    3 Months - Ulduar, Vault of Archavon (Emalon), PVP Season 6

    6 Months - Trial of the Crusader, Vault of Archavon (Koralon), Onyxia, PVP Season 7

    9 Months - Icecrown Citadel + Ruby Sanctum released once Icecrown Citadel Heroic is cleared, Vault of Archavon (Toravon), PVP Season 8

    The aim of this realm is to bring a breath of fresh air into the expansion we all hold very dear. Our team has been hard at work, further perfecting all areas of our WoTLK realms. We are aiming to assure mint perfection, in all areas of the game and with the experience and mountains of feedback we have received from managing our other WoTLK realms, we know that we are able to achieve it. All of the work invested in this realm, will be applicable to all our other realms where appropriate.

    We hope you join us on our next journey!

    Kind regards,

  2. FAQ

    Q: Marketplace will be similar to Icecrown model. What does it mean?
    A: It means that gear will be obtainable via the marketplace. We plan to have some restrictions on it, like items not being available until they are obtained in-game. More details on this are TBD. (To Be Determined)

    Q: Will there be SoloQ?
    A: TBD. (To Be Determined)

    Q: So this realm will be online for 1 season and then all characters goes to Icecrown and Frostmourne realm goin off?
    A: Once the one-year-duration season for Frostmourne has concluded, the realm will reset and your characters will be available for transfer off of the realm.

    Q: When my characters get moved, what if my character list is already filled?
    A: We have methods of addressing this very easily. We will speak about this when the time comes.

    Q: Realm launch on 15 April. But the first content of Naxxramas release on day one. Do we start on lvl 80 then?
    A: You start at level one. Whoever gets to 80 first and forms a competent raid to clear it, will clear it first.

    Q: Will my characters get deleted when the season ends?
    A: No. They will be moved to Icecrown.

    Q: What's the point of this realm?
    A: There are a lot of reasons for us to make it, and we've been working on it for quite a while. But we decided the time was right given our current population concerns on both Lordaeron and Icecrown.

    Q: What kind of things will be available on the points shop?
    A: The points shop will not be available for Frostmourne.

    Q: Is there a forum section for this realm yet? Can I start recruiting for my guild?
    A: Sure! Go ahead! Right over here: http://forum.warmane.com/forumdisplay.php?f=300

    Q: Do you plan on launching another expansion soon?
    A: No we do not.

    Q: If I earn realm first achievements on Frostmourne, will I lose them when my character moves to Icecrown?
    A: No, you will get to keep them, since you earned them.

    Q: Will pvp be accelerated similar to 2x raid lock-outs per week?
    A: Yes, there will be two arena flushes per week.

    Q: Any special criteria for DKs?
    A: It will remain blizzlike. You can make one once you have another level 55 character.

    The marketplace will work in a way so it detects automatically how many items were obtained in the game. After the marketplace detects that the item has been obtained enough times (e.g 10-15 times) it will be added automatically to the marketplace.

    There's thresholds for different items. More important items require higher amounts of obtaining in the game. This is how the marketplace works. PvE guilds that raid will always have better gear. This is how our marketplaces always worked, it is simply that we have not had a similar realm in ages.
    Also Shadowmourne is not going to be on the marketplace. It simply does not follow the rules of the marketplace design.

  3. yikes, vanilla to wotlk progressive would be much better ehh..

  4. Marketplace will be similar to Icecrown model.
    what does it mean?

  5. Great idea! I have a few questions to this.

    1) Will there be an option to extend ID? Given the reset will happen twice a week now, it kills the whole idea of progression and re-clearing for gear, will the guilds have an option to extend ID to kill end-bosses and possibly obtain realm first achievments?
    2) Market prace model will be simillar to warmane, do you guys not think this kills the competitive aspect of the realm? Or will more information be released in this regard? I'm trying to find a reason for a guild to move to the realm to compete if the end-game items can be bought straight off the bat.

    TLDR; Is this realm supposed to be the same as icecrown but with different content at the start, or do you guys expect to take a more competitive turn like Lordaeron?

  6. Marketplace will be similar to Icecrown model.


  7. Characters will be moved to Icecrown, once the season ends, assuring a fresh competitive realm each time a new season starts.


  8. There is already an option in game to extend your ID.
    Unless they disable it for some reason, it should do what you ask

  9. Warmane you are the best as usual! One question though, is there going to be Solo que?

  10. Warmane you are the best as usual! One question though, is there going to be Solo que?

    Hope it will be for us who sucks at arenas and dont have friends to team up.

    I guess Ill try feral tank or dps for the first time.

  11. Would that be possible after 1 year can you realm transfer to icecrown or that wouldn't be possible?

  12. Please make a personalized EXP rates account wise, so by default it would be set to x7, but in the settings you can change it to x1 if you wish to (just like the transmog part). It would please the high EXP crowd and the 1x EXP crowd.

  13. Great! (but limit shop plz, no heroic items xD)

    Already looking forward to playing Ulduar!

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