1. After wiping to titans phase 3 oneshots i tried the worldquest chain and after killing blackbeard 3 times in boat/land no1 in the raid got credit for any of the kills

  2. Also i must admit worst thing for me was lack of information.I mean it's really BAD.
    Please there's nothing nowhere to be found about events.People are spamming left and right on trade global and yell about events where to start them etc.
    No info when they start.No info where to do them.And most importantly,no info what are rewards.

  3. You get some points/coins according to what donated the whole year. If y ou didnt donate ****, then you probably only going to get vote points. At least it was like this last year if I'm not mistaken

  4. Where does the Arthas event start?

  5. I have issue with my Shadowmourne, it disappeared on the event from my equipment, then I got automated mail with doubled SM and can't claim it because it's unique item. My character name is Herbawarrior, made ticket few minutes after problem occured.

  6. I've lost more gold for repairs than what I've earned for playing this raid.I have legit lost 400 gold for repairs, killed 2 bosses and didn't loot a single item.So if you play this raid you actually lose your gold and time rather than earning something.Also forgot to mention that the bosses are LOD level of required skill.People have to actually tryhard to clear a raid for legit nothing.Events should be done so they can be completed by any decent player not 10 % of the pve elitists of the server.At least nerf the bosses and mobs and add the loot to satchels for everyone so master looters or ffa groups can't ninja the loot.

  7. after a disappointing 2020, the events this year disappointed me even more. while i do appreciate the hard work and the time developers put into this, can't help but say its more or less a fiasco. the Arthas quest chain is a good idea in its core, but investing 2 to 3 hours with 25-40 people killing bosses close to lk25hc hp to eventually get a companion which most people will never actually use and some limited-use/time toys is a bad one. the PvP deathmatch could've been fun if not for the limit of 100 people per realm when you guys clearly know you peak at 10-12k players, for the poor design of the map which has been made in paint and the limited availability of the event of only 4 hours per day (however the rewards here seem fine). there is nothing fun about spam clicking the NPC in hoping of eventually getting a spot. and about the PvE raid, great idea, great concept, but bosses are way too overtuned and not even doable by the majority of the population, specially pugs. me and my guild weren't even able to clear the last boss as it was 1 shotting left and right when the 3rd copy is spawning. a group made of 6.0-6.9gs people. overall disappointed, would say its a waste of time but don't wanna be to harsh. i pray you guys didn't nerf the discount coupons for the new year's eve too lol.

  8. Can i just ask,where is the spirit of arthas ?

  9. where to get the quest A new story?

  10. Ok, earlier I made a related topic to this and was expecting more people to complain about this problem, but not many did, so I want to mention it again.

    The [The Living] Quest from the world quest chain is BUGGED, "Blackbeard the Halfman" doesnt provide credit after it gets killed. I personally killed it 3 times and withnessed 1 other group kill it, non of those people there got credit for it, but some people do get credit for whatever reason. Thats the first problem.

    Second problem is that it has 100M hp and as if thats not boring enough for a dummy boss, it does Vanish (out of every ability in the game, exactly Vanish), which resets all debuffs on boss and that makes the fight even longer and even more boring.

    Now multiply all that by x 4, this is how much time I WASTED for no reason and I am still on the same quest.

  11. well they just forced crash/reset Lorderon and his HP dropped from 97.5 million to 58 so maybe he works? I'm in a group to try attempt #7 currently.

    I'll let you know if it works or not.

  12. Do sb know how to do the quest Azhara?Or it had been fixed?

  13. and we killed him and it worked....

  14. Its fixed after the latest crash.

  15. So the Lockout Timer on the raid has changed from 12 hours to 3 days? Is this intentional?

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