1. I just did azshara crater 20 minutes ago.

  2. I want to express my grattitude for the event. Thank you for the hard work, i really ejoyed it.

  3. Not gonna lie, The Azshara event is actually really something special. It breathes new life into a pretty old and at times boring PvE experience. After doing Ice Crown citadel for the one millionth time. It's nice to have a raid that's a bit of fun. The ability to add +40 talent points allowed for new rotations and playstyles which I absolutely loved. And the fact the raid is just straight up cosmetics is honestly such a great addidtion to the server. Honestly really great job with this one Warmane. I wish this raid stayed with us all year round I loved it that much. Sadly I doubt that will happen, but none the less was really well done. Keep up the good work.

  4. Very special only for the elite 6.2k+ nevere seen it..

  5. Can we still Claim the gifts? I dont see them in my account.

  6. Can we still Claim the gifts? I dont see them in my account.
    I guess you can't as its gone from my profile also. Who got it, got it.

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