1. Where the chain starts
    I don't know, but I'm curious of this too.

    We all should be thankful for Warmane's efforts and creativity with the new events. I personally am thankful!

  2. Bugging Quest from PEOPLE

    Please bann, or fix this, because people bug it and stolen boss. Thanks

  3. Well the Quest Chain is fun, esp. when looking at or going near the NPC's completely TURNS OFF YOUR USER INTERFACE. I'm trying to work around it by changing my camera angle, but it's no good when you're too close to the area. Everything is fine when you get away from the area or don't look in the direction of the questgivers...

    Great job...
    Just an FYI: if you experience the bug where going near these events completely turns off your UI (e.g. as if You have hit Alt+Z) and looking away turns your UI back on. Just Log out and log back in, your UI will work in these affected areas! :)

  4. Thankyou for the hard worked events staff, and i wish you all and every player A Merry Christmas and a Hopeful Happy New Year.

  5. Where did you find the npc? The one for the chain quest ,not the raid

  6. One thing warmane didn't take into account.. the TOXICITY OF IT'S PLAYERS. The NPC in Dalaran is covered by players with mammoths and whatever. Can not be seen or clicked.. this happens every time with anything.

  7. Oh. Also. Gotta love people asking for 6k. Cos **** the rest <3

  8. How many hours it takes to complete ? Any good rewards such as mounts ?

  9. Kinda kills the vibe when newer players have no chance to get into anything because all we can see is 6k gs++... But I guess donors need those emblems and such.

  10. Well....no events in Frostwof....MOP realm is forgotten....again

  11. Do anyone else find the raid overtuned ? Full party of 6.2k+ ppl and we cant go past the Elemental trash .

  12. Azshara raid is bugged for Master Looter, put need before greed it works best. One guy from our raid took all items and he says items arent tradeable

  13. Do anyone else find the raid overtuned ? Full party of 6.2k+ ppl and we cant go past the Elemental trash .
    Cleared it up to Titan boss with 4.8k+ group on Frostmourne. It is supposed to be group loot I guess since using LM got us ninja'd

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