1. Sorry if I missed it, but what exactly the rewards are this year? Are they mounts like last year, Qiraji battle tank for example?

  2. I just hope those rewards, if any won't be trash like last time, some people getting 3 ultra rare/unobtainable mounts and other toy and pet -facepalm-

  3. Feels bad I won't have time to play on it, but oh well.

  4. AWESOME!! i'm very excited by what is comming (also excited to see how many bug we will have in the new raid :D ))

    Last years event was very nice, the chain quest was fun, and because that was new content, we could says it was a community event since some people (we are still on warmane with a lot of trash) were helping each other

    This years, the new bg + the new raid wow !! Nice

    For the reward. A very low chance of rare mount, some rare cosmetic/pet/mount when u finish the quest is nice. Like the moderator said, in all the MMO chrismtas event are FUN event, most of the time you have low chance to get a rare things but this things doesnt give you any advtanage in pvp!!

    again, thanks warmane!!

  5. Is it finally time to add character level boost? Kekw

  6. It literally didn't even start yet, we have zero clue what the rewards are or how the events play out, what's wrong with you people ? :D

  7. The "real Holiday spirit" is about leaving aside differences and bad blood, accepting everyone as your equal human being and enjoying a few days of fun for fun's sake with peers and strangers alike. It isn't about complaining you aren't getting this or that gift, it isn't about calling pointless all the effort our teams have put into creating fresh custom content for people to enjoy, and it certainly isn't about trying to use the state of the year as emotional blackmail to have your way.
    I like this quote. It's nice to see someone willing to call people out on entitlement. Hope the hype of the event grows, I am hoping it has something interesting at the end, like a real plot twist or something. Anyway, cheers for trying to be innovative.

  8. Hey excuse me I was curious to know what these "gifts" could be on 31st of December if you don't mind me asking?

  9. Forum Events are up. Just click in the picture to be brought to where they are!

  10. Is there any in-game event calendar ? like what event at which hour it starts?

  11. Is there any in-game event calendar ? like what event at which hour it starts?

  12. Where to start the quest chain event?

  13. Well the Quest Chain is fun, esp. when looking at or going near the NPC's completely TURNS OFF YOUR USER INTERFACE. I'm trying to work around it by changing my camera angle, but it's no good when you're too close to the area. Everything is fine when you get away from the area or don't look in the direction of the questgivers...

    Great job...

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