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  • The Soul Drainer

    2 1.08%
  • Milton's Bow

    2 1.08%
  • Quesse'Isil Dagger

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  • Ancient Devastation

    72 38.71%
  • Ouran's Venomous Tooth

    4 2.15%
  • Timeless Blade

    73 39.25%
  • The Bone Edge of Kerry Kaverga

    1 0.54%
  • Void Edge

    26 13.98%
  • Tear of Fordragon

    2 1.08%
  • Lightmourne

    4 2.15%
  • Sparkwazzle's Spellcrafter

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  1. Forum Event: Legendary Weaponsmith 2020 Edition

    Welcome to 2020's Forum Event: Legendary Weaponsmith!

    This event relies on our user's creativity in designing their own Artifact Weapon with
    visuals, theme, special powers and story behind the weapon's existence.

    Event Rules:
    • The artwork must be original. Copying artwork from the game won't do well. To be fair with people who aren't artists, they may use art from other games, but that isn't as much valuable as original art.

    • Weapon name must be World of Warcraft-like, meaning that Doom's Doomray of Doom isn't a fitting name for this event. The NPC who used to wield it, should be original as well, may even be one of the player's characters name.

    • Create a story for the weapon. No Artifact Weapon is Legendary without a good story behind it. Tell who wield it first, when, for what and where it has been lost, according to the legends. These are examples to help you get started.

    • Special Powers. Pick a theme fitting the class and specialization the weapon would be for. You can explain some divergences with the story, but a weapon for a Rogue that throws fireballs would be hard to justify, for example. Also, make sure to create a realistic item. It's meant to be powerful, but also something that could be in the game without destroying balance. Absurdly powerful items will just be disqualified and not considered (ex. a weapon that sunders entire worlds).

    Event Rewards:
    The best designs, elected by the Staff will win the following rewards:
    • Forum Reward: Forum Title "Legendary Weaponsmith"
    • In-game Reward: one specific transmogrification of choice + item (except Legendaries).

    There will be a community poll on the forum as well, in which the winner wil be given the following rewards:
    • Forum Reward: Forum Title "Legendary Weaponsmith"

    Note: If you have previously won this event and have the title, you may choose to be granted "Legendary Weaponsmith+"

  2. Here, in this same topic!

  3. The Soul Drainer

    The Soul Drainer !
    It may sound cool but there is a secret behind this sword!

    The exact origin of this sword is unknown but it's believed to be from a mysterious warrior who is cursed to wander around the frozen wastes of Northrend for eternity.

    The Sword contains 4 runes which is said to be written in demonic language and it has a demon skull attached to it, the sword as the name says contains the power to drain your enemy's soul and curse them to eternity in pain and suffering . But as i said the sword contains a secret !

    The sword may give the wielder power so great , he can crush every enemy of his but as the days and weeks pass , the owner of the sword's soul gets corrupted with the soul's he took , so your future will be the same as all before!(it means the sword isn't a permanent item)

    You will suffer the same fate as the unknown warrior had , an eternity wandering around northrend but with never an objective or destination!

    The Sword has a 3% drop chance from the unknown warrior who is said to be the remains of a tauren warrior who found this sword in a cave near sindragosa falls . The Unknown Warrior is a ghoulish World Boss who wanders around Icecrown seeking something but even he doesn't know what !

    Boss Mechanics :

    The Unknown Warrior is a 40 man raid which you can start if one of the Raid Members finds an item called "The Remains of an Unknown Soul" and by just using the item the boss spawns! This item is a world drop item which only drops off scourge minions and and it unlocks to players if they have completed all quests in icecrown ! After the boss spawns he starts screaming in an unknown language and the only words understandable are :
    " Peace! .. Give me an end and let me try it at last!"
    "You have started this , finish it "
    The boss gives the raid a buff in order to kill him ,
    The boss does a moderate amount of damage to tanks and can one shot healers or ranged dps.
    The boss has 3 different spells he can do .
    1."BladeStorm" marrowgars spin but with 2x the damage"
    2."Corrupt Soul" it gives a random player a debuff in which he is forced to fight against his own allies for 10 seconds and after it finished it give the same player a debuff that kills the player in 3 seconds unless dispeled!
    3."Transfer Soul" after the boss hits 10% it selects a player which has 80%+ health and within 5 seconds it will swap health % unless the player is dispeled or moves away from the boss.

    After The Unknown Warrior is killed he gives one last thank you for ending his misery and dies!

    The Boss Drops:
    (264-271 piece of equipment)
    5 Emblem Of Frosts
    1 Portable Hole bag
    And it has a 3% chance to drop The Soul Drainer.

    The Soul Drainer is a sword which it had a random equip date which may vary from the wielders gear(The higher gear , the longer you may equip it)
    So , by the time you get it , you have around 2-5 weeks before your character suddenly dies from a debuff and the sword disappears to find the next owner!

    The Soul Drainer is a 274 ilvl 2 handed sword which it gives the player exceptional stats but also a soul corruption debuff.U can use this item to transform it into 2 blades (for rogues/frost dks) which are called The Soul Drainers!
    The Sword gives :
    950-1325 Damage with 3.70 speed 274 ilvl
    +205 Strengh
    +150 Stamina
    # Red Socket
    # Red Socket
    # Red Socket
    +Equip : Improves critical strike rating by 108
    +Equip : Improves haste rating by 100
    +Equip : Your meele attacks have the chance to drain the enemy's 15%-20% health and transfer it to you
    "Everything about this sword is a mystery"

    But if u split this sword into 2 smaller ones the stats will be :
    450-859 Damage with 2.60 speed 274 ilvl
    +80 Agility
    +80 Stamina
    # Red Socket
    +Equip : Increases Attack Power by 90
    +Equip : increases your Critical Strike rating by 50
    + Equip : Increases your haste rating by 45
    "The Right part of the Unknown One" or
    "The Left part of the Unknown One"

    Hope you like it !
    Icecrown :)
    Edited: December 24, 2020 Reason: Grammar

  4. Milton Royworth

    Lore/Background: Milton's Bow


    “Higher still!”


    These words had found a home in Milton Royworth’s farmstead. The old soldier had lost most of his right arm, it was torn off by a gargoyle whilst he was shooting from the walls of his hometown, valiantly fighting back the scourge as ordered by Arthas Menethil, the prince. Milton although now unable to serve the army, had decided he would continue to put his skills to use by teaching local commoners to use a bow, especially now that the scourge was strengthening.

    “Fer an old man with a goat’s tail for a left arm, ya sure do shove us hard Milton” shouted a farmer. It was his first day learning how to draw a bow and he had heard for a while some soldier was holding free classes.

    “You ain’t that much younger than me geezer. Only 65 more arrows to go everybody. You’ve been doing well, 100 feet shots never been easy with them short bows.” Milton shouted back at everybody and raised his left arm as they drew back their strings.



    “Higher still!”

    “Loose!” shouted Milton as he slammed his only arm downwards.

    20 arrows launched, some fell almost immediately, some made it halfway, and some flew true all the way to their hay targets.



    “Higher still!”

    “Loose!” shouted Milton as he slammed his only arm downwards again.
    A volley of arrows launched again, and a similar result followed.

    “Undead boneheads aint gonna know what hit em!” Someone shouted.

    “You gotta manage to hit em first Obbery…” replied a voice.

    “Not my fault this bow is all janked and messed up!”

    “The only thing that’s janked is whatever’s in that head of yours!”

    The talking and shouting rose, and the commoners became more restless. The stress of having the undead knocking on your door every night has taken its toll. Many people have lost loved ones, homes, and crops worth the whole year.

    “Calm! Calm down everyone. I think maybe we should take a break. Feel free to show up again after dinner tonight for our night shooting session. You are the defenders of this land. I know it is not easy, but to be holding those bows is a testament to your courage. The Prince is doing what he can to protect us, it is only right we show him that we stand with him! Stand tall, not hidden behind his stature, but shoulder to shoulder!” Milton did his best to calm and encourage the crowd before heading into his home.

    “Almost 3 months strong Milty, you are doing a good job! Prince Arthas will be proud.” exclaimed his mother in a trembling and shaky voice, now firmly in her 80s.

    “Oh mother, I don’t really know if this is helping. They come and shoot the hay now, but it is different in battle. It is different when… those things are in front of you.” Milton said as he visually sunk away in thought and memory.

    Milton’s mother took a deep breath and with some struggle, stood up. With another bout of struggle, she leaned down to under Milton’s bed and dragged out a chest, now clearly out of breath.

    “Mother! Not again.” Said Milton as he emerged back into reality.

    “You… let me… be... your mother…” she said as she gasped for air.

    She opened the chest and from within produced a fine bow. It was crafted from an Ashenvale oak tree that Milton had grown himself. The limbs were decorated in blue and gold and the grip was wrapped in lustrous steel and tanned leather. The sinew string was still taut. Some brown blood spatters still haunted the bow.
    Milton’s mother caught her breath and slowly spoke with a soft flowing voice.

    This bow once saw arrows notched
    A hand drew its string and a man with it fought
    We were safe and sound when the walls-men watched
    The nights grew darker with the winter’s draught

    A scourge then came with numbers no end
    By moon-fall the wall was crumbled and bent
    The dead outnumbered the living, but the walls-men stood without relent
    Prince Arthas came with aid, supplies, praise, and good intent

    The news travelled from shore to shore
    Nothing quite like this had been seen before
    Many were dead, 3 hundred, maybe 4
    But Milton laid with an arm no more

    Me trying to read the poem:

    “Those folks out there might not seem like much, but they’ve got their whole lives to defend. Just like you. When the time comes, they will fight, just like you.” Milton’s mother said in a hushed tone. “You really shouldn’t hide this bow. If you get it cleaned and polished, I’m sure it would bring you more joy to look at it than sorrow.”

    “This is the tenth time you’ve asked me mother. What kind of son would I be if I still said no?”

    “What kind of son says no nine times?!” she lashed back, with a bit more humor and life in her voice.

    “Well, you’ve got me there! I guess I’ll head to Stratholme and have it looked after. I need to get some new short bows too. The ones outside are getting a bit worn. You need something before I head out?”

    “I need you to be happier, my son.” She replied with a small smile on her face. “You’ve done too much to be frowning all the time, and you’re only 50!”

    “I’m trying ma! There ain’t no competing with you!” Milton replied before he grabbed his bow and some coins from his drawer and left.

    An hour walks later, Milton arrived at the “Strath Bow and Bath” bowyer shop in Stratholme. A dwarvish voice boomed as he entered.

    “It’s the lad Milton!! Did yer mudder get through that skull or ya here to get new short bows for the kids?!”

    “Evening to you too Dmir. Both, actually. People still gettin sick around here?” Milton replied with some color in his face.

    “The more coin for me the better!! Lemme have a look at the beaut you been hiding from me. And... yes. Some folk still turning green.”

    "Thats a shame." Milton pulled the bow from over his shoulder and placed it gently on the table.

    “Wowza! It’s held on to it’s color still, why did you never wipe the blood off it ya lanker?!” Exclaimed Dmir, the stout red bearded, seemingly hot-tempered dwarf.

    “Well, the blood is kind of… a memory I guess? Not sure. But I won’t be needing it anymore. The blood I mean…” spoke Milton.
    As the conversation was unfolding, some noise and ruckus started seeping into the store.

    “I think that’s the prince making his way in!! Let’s have a gander lad.” The dwarf said as he dropped from his stool and made for the door.
    Drim and Milton took a step outside to see a crowd of people surrounding the one and only prince Arthas! What a sight it was to see him in person. His aura brought courage and confidence to the people, but Milton noticed something strange. He seemed quite distressed, or troubled. His smile was off, and his eyes were shooting left and right. Dmir quickly ran off to join the crowd. Milton tried to grab his shoulder before he could run off, but before he could raise his only arm out far enough, he felt something in his chest.
    Milton looked down and saw a sword pierce through the centre of his chest. Blood filled his lungs as time screeched to a halt. The Culling of Stratholme had begun. He saw the Prince raise his mace up and then down on the crowd around him. He felt the serrated edge of the knight’s sword leave his body, as his legs gave way.

    He thought about whether he could muster enough strength to speak. No.
    He thought about his service to the land, to Lordaeron, to the King.
    He thought about his loyalty to the people, their laws and rules.
    He thought about death, and if it would be a blankess forever.
    He thought about how his mother had said "Be happier, my son".

    There was no anger in his thoughts, there simply wasn’t enough room.

    And finally, his head hit the ground.

    Boss Location:

    Milton Royworth can be found as a skeletal boss in Stratholme (with only a left arm). He carries his bow around his shoulder and is found wandering, constantly crying about finding a way out so he can return to his mother with his bow.

    Boss Quotes:

    Battle Start:

    “The scourge are invading! Quickly! Man the walls! Show no mercy!”

    At 50% HP:

    “Make Prince Arthas Proud! We will LIVE!” WE ARE STRONG!”


    “My mother… Finally… We can meet again...”

    The Bow Quotes:

    When a new person wields and aims using the bow, Milton’s voice whispers into your head, correcting your shot.


    “Higher still!”

    And just before the arrow is shot, the voice whispers:


    If the player enters Stratholme with the bow equipped, the player hears a twisted version of the poem his mother wrote (female voice):

    An army came with numbers no end
    By moon-fall the city was crumbled and bent
    The dead outnumbered the living, and the walls-man laid spent
    Prince Arthas came with bladed men and only ill intent

    The news travelled from shore to shore
    Nothing quite like this had been seen before
    Many were dead, 23 thousand, maybe 24
    And Kuranny Royworth wept for a son no more

    Me trying to read the twisted version of the poem:

    Developer Commentary:

    So I thought about this story involving Strath, and the problem I had was that I didnt want to make the weapon crazy super end game strong. It just wouldnt make sense as Milton was basically a mostly average soldier. He was a good one yes, but he was not on the level of Lordaeron's "Heroes". It wouldnt make sense if his item competed with something dropping from ICC. Hence the lower level item. But the buff it provides is still very significant and with no doubt could still be used in today's ICC raids to provide a very substantial DPS and heal boost.

    The model was the hardest part for me. I am not an artist. I suck at drawing. So in typical Blizzard fashion, I tried recoloring an existing model to try and match what I had in my head.

    Some mechanic clarifications about the buff: The buff will remain if the bow is unequipped after use BUT the bow must stay in your inventory. If you put the Bow in your bank or something or mail it away, you will lose the buff. Basically, you keep the buff as long as the bow is physically on you're character. If you put it away, everyone also loses the buff.

    Note about the videos: I don't have the best mic, voice or editing skills (non existent actually), but I think they came out fairly well! I think they get the idea across. Voiced by me. Art used referenced in description.
    Edited: December 26, 2020 Reason: Added Audio Versions of my poems + added hidden link for you to find :D

  5. Ancient Devastation

    weapon description:
    -Ancient Devastation is a mighty 2-handed Warhammer. It is made of a really dark stone that appears to be of a meteor. The stone itself has a very subtle sparkle to it. -The weapon has some spikes on it (small ones). -The weapon is rather massive, people are surprised that warriors are actually able to wield it into battle.It was known as the mightiest of the 2-handed Warhammers In The World. demanding great strength of its wielder -The handle is wrapped in dark brown leather. There’s a large emerald embedded in the middle of the hammer.

    before the original owner gave it to his wife as a wedding present he got the bottom of the hammer engraved say B&O in a heart with an arrow through it. He also cut off one of the small braids Of His Wife hair and had it hooked onto the handle (to take it wherever he goes) - And this hammer made Badgarz The Dwarf never forget the love that was between Him And Her. Even In After Life.

    Weapon Powers:
    This Weapon Is For Specific Warrior Class because one of The abilities Need Rage to be used.
    Green Flame of Devastation: The hammer fires a Green Flame. causing the enemy to get 3735-3950 damage. and Enemy Also gets 5% more damage in next 10 second from any damage source.35 yard range.costs 10 Rage. Have 10 sec cooldown.
    Meteor Slam: This one is passive ability. 15% chance to be slam the ground with warhammer on attack. 25% Slows enemies up to 10 enemies within 10 yards for 5 sec. also damage them for 5% of their HP and %5 of their MANA. Have 30 sec cooldown.

    Weapon stats:
    Two Handed Mace
    Speed: 3.60
    1091-1428 Damage
    (324.9 damage per second)
    235 Strength
    135 Stamina
    100 Agility
    1 red socket
    1 yellow socket
    1 blue socket
    Socket Bonus: +18 Strength
    Durability 195 / 195
    Item level 284
    Races: Human, Orc, Dwarf, Night Elf, Undead, Tauren, Gnome, Troll, Draenei
    Classes: Warrior
    Requires Level 80
    Equip: Increases your critical strike rating by 114 (2.48% @ L80).
    Equip: Increases expertise rating by 114 (13.91 @ L80).
    Equip: Increases your armor penetration rating by 122 (8.72% @ L80).

    Hope you Like it Good Luck.
    My Main Character in Game: Abyssdk
    Realm: icecrown

  6. Hello there,
    I have few questions regarding the event.
    1.Can we participate with more than 1 account?
    2.What happens if you already having custom title?
    3.When will the event end?

  7. Hello there,
    I have few questions regarding the event.
    1.Can we participate with more than 1 account?
    2.What happens if you already having custom title?
    3.When will the event end?
    1. Instead you can send more than one weapon with a single account. We will vote in the best weapon. You can choose which account get the goods.
    2. You can choose between them anytime. Just need to ask me.
    3. January 3. By January 4, we expect the prizes to be delivered for both forum events.

  8. 1. Instead you can send more than one weapon with a single account. We will vote in the best weapon. You can choose which account get the goods.
    2. You can choose between them anytime. Just need to ask me.
    3. January 3. By January 4, we expect the prizes to be delivered for both forum events.
    Thank you for the information!

  9. Edited: December 29, 2020

  10. The Bone Edge of Kerry Kaverga



    The Kaverga trolls were a small tribe of forest trolls that formed part of the Amani Empire that disappeared with its fall.
    This troll tribe was less violent than the others, yet when it came to mercy, the only way they knew to show it was to give their prisoners a fast but not-at-all painless death. That’s why the rest of the trolls was surprised when, after the humans and elves allied, the Kaverga tribe suggested that a war against the new Alliance was something to avoid. So, when Kerry marched on her own in seek of a truce with the Alliance, Karg’jin, one of the most ferocious leaders of the tribes, armed a force to wipe the leaderless tribe of Kaverga, stopping the idea of its leader that had started to seem logical to other trolls.
    Los trolls Kaverga fueron una pequeńa tribu de trolls de los bosques que formó parte del Imperio Amani y desapareció junto a su caída.
    Kerry came back to found every single tent burnt and no trace of her kin but Karg’jin waiting for her in her throne. Kerry defied the troll to a duel which he rapidly accepted. However, Karg’jin noticed the missing family relic missing on her belt and questioned Kerry about the missing blade. Kerry explained that, as a proof of her honesty, she had given the blade to the human that received her and was in charge of negotiations: Ignaeus.
    Karg’jin eyes shined in wrath at the moment he heard the name of the trollbane. He jumped on Kerry and strangled her to death, taking advantage of size and strength.
    Karg’jin planned to recover the blade of the Kaverga tribe after the end of the starting war, but after losing it and being forced to flee, the weapon was lost to humans and soon forgotten by the trolls until recently. When the Alliance was preparing its forces to set foot on Northrend, they searched for powerful weapons in their treasury, finding a peculiar blade that seemed not to suit any of the allied races. Finally, they gave the blade to Tirion Fordring in hopes that he would find a hero who could wield the formidable weapon in the battle against the Lich King.
    But the Bone Edge of Kerry Kaverga wasn’t always a sword. The leader of the Kaverga tribe used to wield a spear whose tip was carved from the fang of a troll. The legends told about a warrior who sacrificed himself to protect his children from a magic projectile from the elves, only remaining a fang after it. Such was his power that his spirit remained inside the fang in order to be close to those he sacrificed himself for. But truth was that the magic that killed the troll didn’t from the elves didn’t dissipate right away, so the superstitious trolls mistook the bright sparks as proof of the troll's power and bravery.
    The fang, that became part of the Amani relics, was claimed by one of the sons of Zal’dun, the warrior of the legends, who using violence and strength made a name for his family and took in some followers, founding the Kaverga tribe. With his father’s fang he carved the tip of the spear that would be the symbol of the tribe power until Kerry took control of it.
    Kerry born smaller than other trolls, so his father decided to initiate her into the practice of voodoo, hoping the lack of physical power could be compensated with the magic arts. However the girl didn’t show any ability for voodoo and was always interested in the weapons which, despite having difficulties due to the nature of these (trolls didn’t know about blacksmithing and used big and primitive weapons), showed skill. But it wasn’t until her first assault on a human campsite that she found a weapon she felt comfortable with: a sword.
    Kerry developed her own technique as no troll knew even how to properly wield a sword, and despite the use of the sword she made was far from being called swordsmanship, she could confront any troll of her tribe and win. So when her father died and she inherited the spear, she ordered the witch doctors to find a way to use the fang to create a sword. Some trolls viewed this as an insult to the ancestors, but powerful as she had proved she was, no one dared to speak it out loud and the witch doctors obeyed. Studying the swords they took as bounty from the assaults to human camps, they fused the fang to metal using voodoo magic, creating the weapon Kerry would wield.
    Soon after, the sight of a troll wielding a sword started a rumour between the humans and elves that some traitor had taught the trolls the art of blacksmithing as there was no other way for trolls to have created such a deadly weapon.



    As I'm not an artist, the drawing is more a concept than the weapon itself, as damn, I knew I was bad at drawing, but what I came up in the end is something a kid would make better lmao:

    I'll explain a bit what I tried to represent:
    As the witch doctor had little idea (or nothing at all) about the swords, the way they made this one for Kerry is rudimentary, that's why both grip and blade are forged in a single piece and the sword itself does not seem to be one forged for a leader. It's a simple yet effective one.
    And to put their identity onto their creation, they put some voodoo motives on the crossward which is made of wood. In addition to being enchanted to reinforce it, not being as hard as metal does not worry too much Kerry when wielding it as her way of using it does not involve exchaning blows with her enemies that might break the crossward.
    The fang is fused through magic to the metal used from another sword. Seeing it now, it should be bigger and maybe be part of the edge itself, so when hitting with the part closer to the crossward it would hit with the bone and metal with the one is the farthest.
    Last, but not least important, when it was forged, and having in mind it was for a troll, both bone and metal are carved in a side of the grip to fit the two fingers of a troll and one to the other (this one can't be seen as I've only drawn one side of the blade).



    I'm quite bad balancing items so I might have gone a bit overboard with which this sword is capable of:

    I wanted to reflect the nature and story of the sword (and the fang) by putting some arcane resistance and the ability to trigger a magic shield. I lowered (or I think I did) the stats it gives to compensate for this. The hate for elves in addition to the fact that elf magic killed the troll whose fang is used in the weapon make elves unable to wield it.

  11. Void Edge


    The first Azerothian to discover the existence of Telogrus Rift was the high elf necromancer Dar'Khan Drathir through his studies of the void, believing the rift held an ancient object of unspeakable might. Despite his extensive research, however, Drathir was never able to access the shattered world. It was not until recent years that a group of blood elf exiles from Silvermoon City led by Magister Umbric once again investigated the possibility of reaching Telogrus.

    Umbric and his followers, having been banished from Quel'Thalas for their experiments with the void, built upon the work done by Dar'Khan Drathir and succeeded in reaching Telogrus Rift, entering the world in search of the powerful item that eluded Drathir in the hope of using it to finally harness the powers of the void. There, joined by Alleria Windrunner and her ally, the elves began trying to open a very ancient and mysterious cube they discovered in the area. Doing so, however, opened the way for Nether-Prince Durzaan, who overwhelmed those gathered and began a ritual to transform many of them into servants of the void.

    Led by Alleria Windrunner, a group of the mortals managed to defeat Durzaan and his forces and free Umbric and the other elves. Though Durzaan's ritual was not completed, the process had permanently changed Umbric's blood elves, turning them into the first void elves. Researches then discovered near the defeated void ethereal a fascinating artifact that consumes all light and radiate void energy which they end up crafting into a weapon though they were not yet sure what is capable of.

    In the aftermath of these events, the void elves decided to make Telogrus Rift their new base of operations, as they pledged their loyalty to the Alliance. Alleria also remained on Telogrus to continue to instruct her new kin in utilizing and controlling their new powers. One of the exiled elves, a rogue named Irene, wasn’t keen on the idea of changing her allegiance to her former enemies. She managed to steal the blade and teleport herself back into Azeroth away from the Horde and the Alliance and went her own way discovering the world. Her location is unknown.

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