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  • The Soul Drainer

    2 1.08%
  • Milton's Bow

    2 1.08%
  • Quesse'Isil Dagger

    0 0%
  • Ancient Devastation

    72 38.71%
  • Ouran's Venomous Tooth

    4 2.15%
  • Timeless Blade

    73 39.25%
  • The Bone Edge of Kerry Kaverga

    1 0.54%
  • Void Edge

    26 13.98%
  • Tear of Fordragon

    2 1.08%
  • Lightmourne

    4 2.15%
  • Sparkwazzle's Spellcrafter

    0 0%

  1. Event Rules:
    • The artwork must be original. Copying artwork from the game won't do well. To be fair with people who aren't artists, they may use art from other games, but that isn't as much valuable as original art.

    • Weapon name must be World of Warcraft-like, meaning that Doom's Doomray of Doom isn't a fitting name for this event. The NPC who used to wield it, should be original as well, may even be one of the player's characters name.

    • Create a story for the weapon. No Artifact Weapon is Legendary without a good story behind it. Tell who wield it first, when, for what and where it has been lost, according to the legends. These are examples to help you get started.

    • Special Powers. Pick a theme fitting the class and specialization the weapon would be for. You can explain some divergences with the story, but a weapon for a Rogue that throws fireballs would be hard to justify, for example. Also, make sure to create a realistic item. It's meant to be powerful, but also something that could be in the game without destroying balance. Absurdly powerful items will just be disqualified and not considered (ex. a weapon that sunders entire worlds).

    Hi. What happens if the character/NPC used in the story isn't original at all as you told it should be? Would it count as breaking that rule(2nd rule)?
    Also using a story that is part of the game lore already, will count as breaking 3rd rule?
    Will the story be as valuable as the design of the weapon?
    Edited: January 4, 2021

  2. Using a NPC from the game, like Thrall or Variann for example. You can use your own characters as it would be your original creation.

    The more original content you create the better. Don't take too long, we are wrapping up this event.

  3. Event ends ar 23:59 (11:59PM) server time today.

  4. Sparkwazzle's Spellcrafter (LINK

    One Hand Dagger, Speed 1.80
    161-447 Arcane Damage
    +81 Stamina
    +81 Intellect
    (R) Red Trinket
    Socket Bonus: +5 Spellpower
    Item Level 284
    Equip: Increases Spellpower by 891.
    Equip: Your Damaging Spells have a chance to cast an additional Spell Based on the previous 3 damaging spells cast. This spell costs no mana, casts at instant speed, uses no global cooldown, and if applicable lasts its duration (30 seconds maximum). Once a given spell has been cast from this weapon, that same spell cannot be cast for another 2 minutes.

    Previously Casted Damage Types of Spells | Spellcrafter's Spell
    Fire Fire Fire | Flame Strike
    Fire Fire Frost | Rain Of Fire
    Fire Fire Nature | Fireblast
    Fire Fire Arcane | Pyroblast
    Fire Fire Holy | Dragon's Breath
    Fire Fire Shadow | Immolate

    Fire Frost Frost | Frostfire Bolt
    Fire Frost Nature | Cyclone
    Fire Frost Arcane | Slow
    Fire Frost Holy | Healing Wave
    Fire Frost Shadow | Mana Burn

    Fire Nature Nature | Faeire Fire
    Fire Nature Arcane | Feral Spirit
    Fire Nature Holy | Trueshot Aura
    Fire Nature Shadow | Shadowflame

    Fire Arcane Arcane | Mirror Image
    Fire Arcane Energy | Mind Control
    Fire Arcane Holy | Divine Shield
    Fire Arcane Shadow | Berserking (Racial)

    Fire Holy Holy | Inner Fire
    Fire Holy Shadow | Shadowfiend

    Fire Shadow Shadow | Unholy Presence

    Frost Frost Frost | Deep Freeze
    Frost Frost Nature | Replenishment
    Frost Frost Arcane | Frost Bolt
    Frost Frost Holy | Devotion Aura
    Frost Frost Shadow | Chains of Ice

    Frost Nature Nature | Force Of Nature
    Frost Nature Arcane | Mana Shield
    Frost Nature Holy | Mass Dispel
    Frost Nature Shadow | Howl of Terror

    Frost Arcane Arcane | Water Elemental
    Frost Arcane Holy | Divine Plea
    Frost Arcane Shadow | Cone of Cold

    Frost Holy Holy | Flash of Light
    Frost Holy Shadow | Frost Armor

    Frost Shadow Shadow | Fear

    Nature Nature Nature | Entangling Roots
    Nature Nature Arcane | Anti Magic Shield
    Nature Nature Holy | Cleanse
    Nature Nature Shadow | Crippling Poison

    Nature Arcane Arcane | Lightning Shield
    Nature Arcane Holy | Purge
    Nature Arcane Shadow | Hex

    Nature Holy Holy | Regrowth
    Nature Holy Shadow | Devotion Aura

    Nature Shadow Shadow | Raise Ghoul

    Arcane Arcane Arcane | Arcane Blast
    Arcane Arcane Holy | Amplify Magic
    Arcane Arcane Shadow | Dampen Magic

    Arcane Holy Holy | Holy Shield
    Arcane Holy Shadow | Silence

    Arcane Shadow Shadow | Shadowbolt

    Holy Holy Holy | Holy Light
    Holy Holy Shadow | Holy Shock

    Holy Shadow Shadow | Repentance

    Shadow Shadow Shadow | Death Coil

    Long Criticized for a botched summoning at the Argent Tournament, Wilfred Fizzlebang's Niece found herself greatly criticized for her uncle's failure. Finiabell Sparkwazzle, an aspiring craftswoman herself at the Gnomish Inventor's Guild had to plea with the Guildmaster to keep her spot in the Guild. After a stressful conversation, she was put on 'sabbatical' in Icecrown while the notoriety associated her uncle's name died down. Finiabell knew that she needed to redouble her efforts for her undergraduate thesis, as the fate of Azeroth stood in the uncertain hands of the Ashen Verdict. After a long letter to Rhonin, she met with the Kirin Tor, and with the help of some of the newly anointed Argent Champions, was escorted to the Eye of Eternity. While Malygos had met his end several months ago, she spent grueling weeks in the Eye, looking and attempting to draw upon the latent energy within this realm. Maybe there was something that the Argent Champions missed...

    While her search was nearing her end, she made an unexpected finding! A pocket of raw, untapped arcane energy! Her supplies nearly depleted, she crafted a basic dagger out of remaining sprockets, spanners, and gyrators.

    "By the light, It worked!!! It actually worked!" Finiabell remarked, "Finally, all the months of strife can be fixed, and just in time too, as Tirion's forces may siege Icecrown at any mom-". Finiabell's excitement was cut short by a bright yellow light, a staticky sound, and then unconsciousness.

    When she woke, the drake that had navigated her through the Eye of Eternity had collapsed in front of the Council of the Six, this time at Wyrmrest Temple. The heads of the wyrmrest accord each channeling their powers into suppressing this latent energy. As she attempted to rise, temple guards restrained her. A quick survey of the Dragon Aspects made her realize that they were not celebrating, but trying to suppress a bomb! Finiabell realized this. She would not let her family be known for their failures. She quickly blinked away from the temple guards, and towards the dagger.

    As she made contact with the dagger floating atop the temple, a bright light once again flashed, and then subsided. As Alexstraza and her council members looked back, Sparkwazzle was gone. She gave her life to act as a conduit for the Dragon Aspects' Containment Beams. Finiabell made a weapon which would be pivotal in the fight against Arthas, but she would not be around to celebrate her achievement. Her dagger remains unadorned for remembrance of her sacrifice, and in the possession of Alexstraza to give as she fit to the most worthy and well-tempered spellcaster.
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  5. Please vote for the best weapon. Call your friends to vote in your submission or just vote in the one you liked most!

  6. why is no in list for vote STONEDBRINGER?

  7. Hi . i want to ask who won The best design, elected by the Staff ? . or if not it will be chose in 12 january ?

  8. why is no in list for vote STONEDBRINGER?
    Already used in the 2016 event. I considered adding it, since it didn't won (neither got any votes). It is basically a parody submission that didn't follow at all what we are looking for: a good story.

  9. Ancient Devastation and Timeless Blade are the winners.

    Congratulations to bglsto and hhh333555
    You may contact me to sort out the prizes.

    In-game Reward: one specific transmogrification of choice + item (except Legendaries), plus Forum title.

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