1. Holiday events for 2020!

    Greetings Warmane community,

    I am here to proudly announce upcoming Holiday events that we shall host in all of our realms.
    Feel free to visit the original Holiday thread here.

    Let the games begin!


    Brief description of events
    Spoiler: Show

    Test your attacking and healing skills and top the charts to win prizes!

    Explore the custom-designed Snow City and reach the top!

    It's just you and the "W", baby!

    [B]1v1 Tournament
    You know your class? Prove it and win the 1v1.

    Most of the events will be described in announcements prior to the event starting!

    As always, all times are GMT/UTC and match our current time that is shown on the website. Keep in mind that the times listed are subject to change so please check this schedule for your wanted events regularly. Also, we appreciate all feedback for the events as long as it's constructive.


  2. HPS on Frostwolf that didn't happen on the 4th will be hosted on the 6th, 8 PM server time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  3. First of all, deathmatch and Azshara Crater were amazing. I had a lot of fun nuking ppl and hosting 3 raids every id. But the staff hosted events were not fun at all...
    I attended both dps and hps event with my shaman and I was quite surprised that some basic things couldn't be taken care of, for example no pull timer (which people use 99% of raids) and instead a simple "Go!".
    I was dissapointed with hps event because people were invited randomly just to fill the raid, to realize later at 60% dummy life(when I oomed) that I was the only shaman in my group while other groups had 2-4 shamans (2-4 mana tides). I basically didn't stand a chance.
    I was dissapointed with dps event when I saw around 8 rogues and 7 mages in the raid(0 priests...), and the staff member said "top 5 wins reward". So tell me how exactly does a shaman stand a chance there? (also ppl getting/trading tricks around the board)
    Ideas were good and I love the effort, but please, be proffesional next time you host something like this.

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