1. cross-server battlegrounds

    I'm playing on lordaeron, and I like PvP. I like how when I use an item I craft, such as netherweave net, it was something I actually worked for. When I join battlegrounds, I'm against a bunch of twinks on icecrown. People that have an easier auction house, have to work less for everything, and can speed run to lvl X9, are flooding the battlegrounds.

    When I join the battlegrounds with my friends as we quest, I feel like I'm putting my faction at a disadvantage. I feel like I have to sacrifice the blizzlike PvP experience for the blizzlike PvE experience. Even when I am high level in the bracket, I can't stop my faction from going "/who "warsong gulch"" until they see someone in their level range pop up and decide to get in on the action, which further tilts the balance away from the lordaeron team.

    It's just annoying like I'm playing a lvl 67 mage and I've got ice and pvp armor on, high stamina, unusually high resilience, DODGE, fire ward, literally only crank-spamming mana shield with like 80 haste, priest shielding and healing me, and then some dude pops status effects like jonathan coulton and 1 or 2 shots me (MAX) from 2 levels above. like I can't be THAT fragile, come on!

    It just seems like it happens every time, Allies:50 kills - Horde:2 kills. no stuns or anything just bam and sometimes boom and then im staring at them from the otherside, camping me for the next 20 minutes.

    Does anybody else feel like this? Why does lordaeron have to be included in the cross server battleground system? Is there some way to at least prioritize same-server matchups? Maybe give the super high kills-per-day a higher chance to be put in not a lordaeron match? Can't people on other servers get premium-only gear? There has to be some way to balance this a little better, right?
    Edited: December 25, 2020

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