1. squish and prices

    how long do you think it will take for the gold squish to have an impact on AH prices?

    thinking about buying stuff before squish and then selling them again after.. or is this just a pipedream?

  2. You had to do that few months ago if you want it to work. And after squish it will be few months for economy to settle(so you can regain your gold).

    Buying now might get you lesser reduction than 50% cut(lets say spend 100g now, gain back 70 few weeks after squish), and i mean RIGHT NOW. Give it few weeks and buying+selling after squish will get you to lose more than just letting your gold get squished.

  3. thanks. think im just gonna let the squish do its thing then..

  4. There is no "quick ez way", any way that lets you keep even 55% will take few weeks minimum. You can get vendor items, after few months you can get back even 80-90% of your gold(mechano-hog parts, portable holes). Few months - because every desperate bro is doing that, oversaturated market.

    Overall, keep your wealth in stuff, liquidate to gold only when you have clear goal in mind. Everyone is doing that, so gold value drops, "stuff" value raises and it just double dips in inflation. Squish is self fulfilling prophecy, uh dmn almost started to rant

  5. alright ill think about that.. thanks again

  6. The prices are in the early stages of rising. I've noticed especially in Primos that the price has gone from 750 to nearly 900 in almost just a week. Not sure about Titanium ore, Frozen orbs, Dream Shards, Flasks, and other high priced mats etc, but from what I've seen most of them seems to be staying the same. Epic gems still on 130, broken Necklace still on 135ish, Mechano Hog still on around 15k etc.

    I reckon January is going to be a bit crazy, and by the end of this month prices will have inflated quite rapidly. If you're going to buy something to stock up, buy it NOW.

  7. Squish is a perfect opportunity to buy that expensive three-seat mammoth mount for all your alts!

  8. I reckon January is going to be a bit crazy
    you dont say? ive farmed 12k in the last 5 days xD

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