1. Frostmourne Store

    Staff members have remained silent on the subject, so I wondered if perhaps this was the better place to post such a topic so let's get right down to it.

    The way items are implemented into the store is a bit confusing.

    You released 251 items onto the store almost immediately after the patch dropped. Several classes have 258 tier 9 available while many others do not. Some classes (dks, druids, hunters, shamans) have 251 tier 10 available, while zero clothie tier pieces have yet to be released.

    Why release some tier sets for some classes and leave others completely out of the loop? If the purpose of the store is as a "catch up" mechanic, then releasing said items with bonus effects for some classes and not others completely negates this gesture, especially when it was done so early.

    Now some classes have the opportunity to spend frost emblems where they want rather than on tier slots and are more complete in their full 4-set. The rest of us have to wittle away at frost emblems and pray to the rng Gods in VoA for a chance to skip some frost emblem farming.

    If you release tier for one class, why not all classes? This would very much be in line with the "catch-up" ideology as now all classes would be on an even playing field.
    Edited: January 10, 2021

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