1. <Fried Rice> Icecrown Horde: Actively looking for members

    <Fried Rice> is an oceanic based PvE raiding guild seeking active new members for our core group. GM po namin and officers mga pinoy pero halo2 ang roster. Our current progression is: ICC 25 HC 11/12 (LoD down) ICC 10 HC 12/12 RS 25 4/4 ToGC 25 50/50. RT: 9:00 AM ST (5:00 PM Philippines Time) Thu-Mon. We use DKP system.

    Classes that we need are:

    Death Knight:
    Blood (Tank): HIGH
    Frost: LOW
    Unholy: HIGH

    Shadow: HIGH
    Disc: HIGH
    Holy: LOW

    Ret: HIGH
    Holy: HIGH
    Prot: HIGH

    Elemental: CLOSED
    Enhancement: LOW
    Restoration: HIGH

    Fire: LOW
    Frost: CLOSED
    Arcane: CLOSED

    Feral (Cat): HIGH
    Feral (Bear): LOW
    Restoration: HIGH
    Balance: HIGH

    Combat: HIGH
    Assassinations: LOW
    Subtlety: CLOSED

    Marksmanship: HIGH
    Survival: HIGH
    Beast Mastery: CLOSED

    Fury: HIGH
    Arms: CLOSED
    Protection: CLOSED

    Demonology: HIGH
    Affliction: LOW
    Destruction: CLOSED

    Requirements to join our raids:
    Stable connection
    Able to handle criticism and willing to learn

    Please pm an officer in-game for guild invite or join us on Discord @ https://discord.gg/jPXeApBPyG.

    Maraming Salamat po!
    Edited: January 22, 2021

  2. druid resto/feral main

    tapos nag tatank din ako icc lang
    up to 25. meaty lang.

    nag reinstall lang ako kahapon, naglalaro kasi ako ng wow dati pa. ang this server, nung molten-wow pa tapos sandali lang ako nung warmane na.

    IGN: Tambal

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