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    Acused for Ninja

    So I made a raid ICC10 normal, alt run with my friend to help him gear. I am DK tank 6.3. We didnt reserve any item, all boe and primos and items were on roll. While clearing trash it was on group loot, and on boss master loot and then roll. We invited few 5k gs peeps to help them and raid was pretty good, made it to BQ and everyone was happy. But. On gunship HC 1 Primordial Saronite dropped. It was rolled for everyone, and everyone rolled except one priest. Some guy won it and the item was send to his bags. After that, few seconds, the priest rolled (seems like he was afk or something) and he got highest roll. And he demended that he won item. He told he will report master loot (who was all the time my friend disco priest). So he rolled after the item was distributed to highest roll (during roll time). How can someone give him item? A guy allready won it. Master loot does not have the power to request from the guy who recieved it to trade it to that guy who rolled after. It would be shame if someone gets ban for this, there is no guilt in here.
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    It's up to the GMs to decide.
    I think it'll depend on the time window. There's a higher chance of people seeing it as ninja loot if your friend gave away the primo like 5 -10 seconds after the last roll than, for example, after 10-20 seconds. Would also depend how late was the other dude AND if he reported it correctly. All in all, I don't think any bans will be issued.

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    If the priest in question was sleeping when he knows loot will be distributed, it's his fault.
    If the masterlooter distributes loot like a machine-gun and doesn't give proper opportunity for everyone to roll, it's his fault.
    Simple as.
    To me it sounds like someone is getting semi-carried(he doesn't have to host/lead/explain tactics/distribute loot/deal with people's bull****) and he's essentially complaining about 500 gold which you can very easily farm on your own. Typical random entitled kid. For all you know, HE could have simply been on HIS period and intentionally rolled late and started drama for no reason. Just ignore him.

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