1. Ninja loot, disrupting players, toxic players

    hello everyone, i want report a player with SS
    but in the support i cant sumit a ticket
    i just found an option to appeal some ban in my acc
    i wanna REPORT a player where i can do it?


  2. by opening a ticket in-game.
    To link your SS you need to upload them here: https://imgur.com/ (then you wll get a link you can share)

  3. oh tankyou
    i open a ticket in game and did it in imagur, will edit the ticket
    ty so much

  4. Anyway, you could read Reporting Players [Updated: May 22, 2020], to better understand what is required from reports. If you're missing some key info, making a ticket might be in vain.

  5. Hello guys i wanna report 2 raid leaders icc 25 ... they true everything to hide some items for 1 of them .. in the end they give people who need this items and last but not least they **** up everything ... !

  6. And now Gulu you go and do all like in link above you

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