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    Need help with Item misbuy ticket

    Hello, so basically my problem is that I bought Solace of the Defeated on my horde character on Frostmourne for coins and I cannot equip it because I should have bought the horde equivalent - Solace of the Fallen. I know...dumb mistake but anyways, I opened a ticket asking for the GM to help me out with the issue and they directed me to the warmane support page and advised me to open a ticket for my issue to be resolved. The problem is that in the section ''Item misbuy'' I need to put a subject for my ticket(Thats fine), I have to describe my problem(Thats also fine) and then I have to select the item which I misbought. But the problem is then that the blank space, which is left for item selection is not clickable and neither I can manually write the name of the misbought Item. It is just a blank field over which it says ''Item Selection'' but I cant really select anything and therefore, I cannot post my ticket at all.


    If anybody has had a similar issue and managed to deal with it please let me know how to go through the procedure or perhaps a quick GM reply to this thread can help me out so I can post my ticket and make the coins that I spent worth it.
    Thanks in advance!.

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    Open up a support ticket on the site and select item misbuy from the pull down menu and tell them. Can usually get a refund if within 24hours of buying the item

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    Yeah, but my whole point is that I cannot post the ticket because the field ''Select Item'' has to be filled in order to post the ticket and as of now it simply cannot be clicked or written on or anything. Try it out yourself and you will see! And I don't even want refund of my coins if the issue can be resolved by changing the item to the horde version of it -Solace of the Fallen.

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    Items show up in the list only if they were purchased in last 24 hours. If you purchased it earlier, it won't show up there. You can select General Enquiry ticket type instead. They don't exchange items but they can give you back the coins so you can buy the right item.

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    Thank you man! I posted it as General Enquiry ticket and now I am hoping for the best!

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