1. Twink leveling Question

    Is it faster to level 2 chars together with a friend which are on the same level, or is it faster by having 1 on the main (lvl 80) carry the other 1 and after hitting 80 switch sides

  2. Leveling together has the flaw of never knowing how synced up your play times are. Applies to proper leveling and boosting with level 80.

    I'd probably go with level "alone", but boost others around when playing at the same time. E.g. While being online alone, I'd level my character 1-45 on my own, and when friend logs, see which one of us boosts which. Most likely boosting the lower level one, to keep up roughly the same pace. If both are around same level, join RDF's, or do quests.

    Most optimal would be to boost your own alt, if possible.

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