1. What happen if somebody change ms and the leader don't know?

    This is the situation: I'm leading toc 25 and i ask ms changes at start ,on the rolls of a chest mail mana per second shaman resto and shaman ele rolls,
    Shaman ele win and say he was ms healer but me the leader i don't see it and nobody in raid too.

    He say he wanna ban me for ninja looting for giving the item to shaman resto so what happen now? i try to lead at my best but sometimes something new happen

    Thanks for answer guys

  2. To make it happen, he need unedited screenshot with visible chat where his whisper to you with MS resto and your RW of roles with him being resto as confirmation.

  3. Yea, if he sucks the idea out the finger that he's going roll whatever - he has nothing. Even if he whispered you his "ms change", if you ignored that - he rolls for role he is playing. It's about making it clear for everyone any MS changes before pull that saves players to instance. So they can make informed decision to stay/leave/object+discuss as you might decide to now allow it, so the player who wants ms change can leave as he is not allowed to roll other spec as ms.

    He can't "change his MS without leader knowing", that's impossible. You would get banned if you gave the item to him, since that would be "changing rules after players are saved into isntance".

  4. There's a chance that the ele shaman whispered wrong guy to say "MS resto", and that wouldn't be your fault. Perhaps he whispered to assist who invited him.

    This is why you should mention with /RW who all changed their MS's, and if he still didn't say MS resto in raid/whisper, not something you can get banned about.

    The shaman probably was trying scare tactics to get what he wanted.

  5. Hello all i'm passing for something like that now
    One of the healer in a raid call for a MS change to dps when comes to the loot we Just roll a caster item for healing spec i Just ignore them roll and give the loot to One warlock then star the war lol wisps and spams no One cares About whin but he say he going
    To make a report scrooling on the raid log i can't get them change spec but i have the WIN and printed them wisp with the spec change... is something i shoud care about it?!!

  6. MS changes are viable only at start of raid before any boss killed, to avoid such situations where ppl roll for 2 specks depending from what drops. So, this healer had no rights for roll at all

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