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    WotLK - Icecrown realm - WoW Crash/ WoW Error message/ WoW quitting every minute

    Does anyone else have this problem? I just get random wow errors and the game is exiting. It happened a lot while leveling and now at max level whenever I'm in dalaran it happens. I have addons and I think that's what is causing the problem but just to make sure I'll make this post.

    On a side note, the game is running smoothly at 60 fps like 95% of the time. The other 5% I randomly drop to 10 fps but a quick log-out log-in or /reload fixes this. Anyone knows the cause of this?

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    Paste the text of the error or we can not help you.

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    I agree with Shred92, it could be any of the addons you are using, it can be issue with large address aware.
    Post a log of the error you are getting for more extensive help by the community.

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    So it's not an issue everyone has.

    The error says: This application has encountered a critical error:

    Not enough memory resources are available to process this command.

    Object: .E

    Requested 1415424 bytes of memory

    Total lua memory: 17604KB

    Percent memory used: 60
    Total physical memory: 17070313472
    Free Memory: 6771290112
    Page file: 19620450304
    Total virtual memory: 2147352576

    Is it like gpu or ram memory it is talking about? I think my gpu has 4 gb and 16 gb ram

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    Try this for a fix:


    Also I strongly suggest to make sure your main game folder has unticked "Read only" on the folder. Helped me with some issues.

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    Not fixed yet and I'm not downloading that application sry :)

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    Then don't come here asking for help and wasting our time.

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    So you want to tell me you had that problem and installed that application and it fixed your problem? I'm not going on a shady forum from 2010 to download a shady application that MIGHT or MIGHT NOT fix the actual problem. You unhelpful nerd should GTFO off my post

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    I used that application to fix Fallout 3's excessive crashing issue. If you don't trust ok, then there is nothing else the users can do to help you.

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