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    About us

    Courage is a fresh guild forged on 4th of May, 2020 on Icecrown realm to bring out a raid with good, stress-free atmosphere, but also with some serious actions in raids. We do raids not to make our members get stressed or frustrated, but to make raids which are worth to spend time on. Our goal is to create and maintain a well organized, serious end-game guild. However, at the same time to have fun, in the end it's just a game.

    Unlike other guilds, we are planning to progress in raids without forgetting our members' rights. If you want to be respected, then make sure you respect others! We can understand you if, you can understand each other. Quality is always prioritized over quantity and to understand one another is a quality.

    The guild is lead by experienced raid leaders that have been playing on Warmane for several years now. Everyone that feels like they fit into the guild and want some Heroic progress while having fun has to apply. Heroic knowledge is expected from anyone that applies. We don't mind people who want to perfect a thing or two, but we want our players to have experience and knowledge about the game.

    Joining us

    First and foremost, we are looking for loyal, selfless players, who know what it mean to be a teammate above all. Gear and achievements are a part of the game but don't forget to socialize, make friends and have fun!

    Requirements for applicants:

    * Extremely good knowledge of their class as well as boss mechanics is a must-have.
    * An ability to react fast and respond to changing circumstances and adapt to them.
    * We are not strict over things like gearscore, however applicants are expected to have properly itemized gear, and to also have multiple characters that are ready for HEROIC raids.
    * Knowledge of English language is another must have, since Courage is an English speaking guild. You do not need to speak perfect English, however an ability to understand other people and to reply to them is needed.

    * Professional and Mature attitude is the most important thing we are looking for, every non-mature behaving will not be tolerated. Any form of disrespecting, cynical and crappy attitude will result in remove from the guild.

    If you are interested in joining us, please apply through Our Website Application

    Keep in mind that the application is the only way for us to decide on accepting you into the guild. Our requirements are set really high. Therefore, convince us. Show us what you know. Show us your efforts and skills. Make sure your answers are as detailed as possible. Don't forget that we're interested in what YOU would do in a particular situation.

    Give us couple of days to review your application. Whispering officers to check your application status will not help you in any way, in fact it will make us less interested.

    We DO NOT recruit via whispers. If you whisper an officer, he will tell you to apply on website. Thus, don't bother trying to whisper in game for recruitment.

    Our crew:
    Guild Master: Elwa
    CO-GM: Naevys
    Officer : Paavbhaaji
    Raid Leaders : Tchitchiqt, Vadda

    You can check our official YouTube channel here

    You can also check us live on twitch
    Edited: March 7, 2021

  2. On our very first guild run the first out of many more to come Light of Dawn has been downed!

  3. Light of Dawn #2

    Lich King downed with second group!

    Edited: January 18, 2021

  4. Light of Dawn #4

    Lich King downed with First group-One Shot!

  5. Light of Dawn #5

    Lich King downed with Second group!

  6. Light of Dawn #6

    Lich King downed with Third group!

    Edited: January 18, 2021

  7. Light of Dawn #7

    Lich King downed with First group!

    Edited: January 18, 2021

  8. Light of Dawn #8

    Lich King downed with Second group! with crazy lags...

    Edited: January 18, 2021

  9. Light of Dawn #9

    Lich King downed with Third group! Lag strikes again...

  10. Light of Dawn #10

    Lich King downed even with Fourth group, new progress!

  11. Ruby Sanctum #1

    The guild first RS 25 HC has been downed!

    Markovicqtx won Umbrage Armbands
    Holymoldy won [Split Shape Belt]
    Khapam won [Returning Footfalls]

  12. Light of Dawn #11

    Lich King downed with Fifth group! New guild progress!

  13. Shadowmourne!

    The very first Shadowmourne has been forged in the guild! Congrats to Zeltik!

  14. Light of Dawn #12

    Lich King downed even with Sixth group (Monkey Run), and again, new progress!

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