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    [A] <Invaders> PvE Social End Game


    Invaders is an Alliance PvE guild that was firstly forged back in 2014 looking forward to combine professional raiding atmosphere with the fun & joy delivered by our weekly guild events. In terms of raiding we will be doing Icecrown Citadel, Ruby Sanctum, Trial of Crusader but we also have reserved days for old raids that provide great titles and achievements Ulduar, Naxxramas, Eye of Eternity. Burning Crusade raids for transmogrification gear and mounts is also a thing that we take in consideration.

    Our Aim
    On our way we are looking for experienced raiders that are social, open minded and positive. Quality, smooth and stressless raids, fun and stability is what defines us. Keeping up a friendly atmosphere making people bound is also a priority for us.

    Guild Requirements
    In order to join our guild you must meet the following criteria:

    LoD, RS and ToGC experience
    6.2k gearscore
    It's a bonus if you know legacy raids tactics (Ulduar, Naxx etc)
    Must be able to follow leader orders
    Fluent English listening and speaking

    However gear is not the most important thing. We are more concerned about how good you play your class, how many classes and specs you can play, your raiding experience, attitude and behavior.

    Raiding time is 6PM ST. Every raiding session will last for max 3 hours. Invites will be based on players rank and in some cases gearwise.

    Current Schedule:
    Wednesday - ICC + RS
    Thursday - ICC + RS
    Friday - Free
    Saturday - Free
    Sunday - ICC + RS
    Monday - Free
    Tuesday - Free

    Guild Rules
    Keep in mind that you represent Invaders, be responsible.
    It is forbidden usage of hacks/exploits or any third party software.
    No ninja looting is not allowed inside nor outside the guild.
    Login 30 minutes before the raid time.

    For looting we are using DKP loot system.
    Trials have no rights on loot.

    Guild Ranks
    Guild Master > Raid Leader > Legendary > Unique >Epic > Rare > Enchanted > Unranked

    Guild Master: Noobsmoke

    As you can see there is no "Alt" rank which means that each one of your characters will be evaluated individually. Dkps will still cumulate on your main.

    Apply now at invaders-ic.shivtr.com
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