1. New changes on ICC HC = not so good results

    Hello Warmane,

    A fan here, been on the server for several years, supporting it financially and physically playing the game. I am making this topic to ask for input on the new changes that were made on ICC HC modes.
    Long story short, as I don`t like walls of texts either, the changes destroyed the pug community and some guilds. Whereas old hardcore players might say "l2p bro", the truth is , the big part of the community and player base, are not hard core players. And the increased difficulty of the HC mode, made them not play at all. The prospect of not having a chance for their loot unless they make cringy guilds applications where they ask you questions like "what made you chose our guild" , is putting them off.

    Surely you can see the stats of the server, is winter time and the server should be booming.

  2. Can you give a rough description of what the changes are?

  3. I'm curious as well. I can't remember any word about tweaks coming to the server, which would hint at whatever might have changed being corrections or fixes, assuming there were changes. If that's what happened, don't expect it to go back. Also, about "the server should be blooming"... it's full on an NA Saturday early morning?

  4. Conjured flame hitting for 70k is fun

  5. It hits hard only if you don't follow tactics. ICC works as it should be with exception of Unbound on PP and probably BQL pact

  6. I think he is talking about how BQL hits every 0.5 seconds now. and the links have to be immediate and they hit harder.
    most of the old players have said that this is " as it should be ". I am not sure as it has been years since i played retail Wotlk.
    This is causing pug wipes almost every time. Guild runs are going better comparatively for obvious reasons.

  7. If you can't handle the current mechanics you shouldn't raid in the first place.

  8. He's probably talking about the bug fixes like BPC flame orb while taldaram is empowered actually working how it should now instead of being bugged.

  9. It hits hard only if you don't follow tactics.
    Well yeah, that's why it's fun.
    I love to see people fail because they can't adept

  10. "increased difficulty" ? The LK doesnt even enrage anymore, necroitc can't be lost, the difficulty went down brother, what are we on about ?

  11. I bet he is talking about the mobs on Valithria not being unterruptable anymore

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