1. The issue has been acknowledged already. We ask more patience.

  2. Well PvP is dead in General, All those called Rank 1 titles from 3s are overrated either, many players got them from Cata Realm by doing only 2s, saw plenty of players having a bit above 2k rating in 2s wearing furious/deadly/wrathful etc titles, so basically SOLOQ is a new addition but it is sad that even The Warbringer becomes really easy target to achieve, but it is what it is, to me Only The Supreme matters just for one reason, it sounds cool :D haha and to be honest to have this title on a Hunter is such a cool feeling, not that easy to get on that class especially, but anyway we should appreciate new additions, Soloq is pretty fun experience I would say obviously I believe those % are not correct though like 10% above 1600 rating etc but who knows I am not an expert.

  3. The issue has been acknowledged already. We ask more patience.
    Palutena TY for feedback!

    I hope something will be done

  4. Hello there, i realize that maybe its wrong time to write a comment and i realize that you guys are working hard to fix this thing that happened with giving out rewards.
    Unfortunately i must ask you to investigate the cases where it also happened that LOW LEVEL gets the same title as for example 2.6k rated player.
    Yesterday it was just a normal day in Elwynn Forest on Icecrown until a level 24 paladin came up to us with Duelist, Rival, Challenger and even Warbringer title.
    He had no idea what was happening but on armory he got these achievments before he even turned level 10.
    He never played arena on that character or even an honorable kill.
    Again im sorry for disturbing, hopefully something can be done. Thank you

  5. so if i want rewards i need to be in team and my arena score need to be more than 2000 points ? When will be next rewards?

  6. so if i want rewards i need to be in team and my arena score need to be more than 2000 points ? When will be next rewards?
    Whenever the season ends, presum months from now

  7. Just wanted to ask how much we need to wait, or how warmane is going to fix all of this. Since some people have no motivation to play arenas anymore after not getting what they deserved.

  8. We want people to be encouraged to play arena and titles are fine for doing that. The reason why they are so easy to get now is because of playerbase not playing soloq as much as in the old days and with low rating you are top 30%.

    That being said i believe titles probably shouldnt go to below 2k rating. Having a pvp title needs to mean that you are atleast an OK player.

  9. @Paultena

    Can we get some update?, It's been a 2 weeks since season ended and issue is still not fixed. Did someone actually tried to fix it or you just gave us false hope?
    When I think about this situation again I doubt it's possible to revert giving warbringer and challenger/duelist to people who did not meet requirements?

    So, in my opinion what can be done now is to reward top1% of 30% of soloQue with gladiator title like Proterean said at start of this post. I mean some people tried so hard to get on that top1% (rank5or6) and then they got no reward for it.

  10. Will anyone answer us? I don't think your attitude towards the players is up to standard :) 2 weeks no nothing.

  11. We are still considering some changes before applying them. We can't confirm things without being 100% decided. The issue about titles and rewards still need some thought. Rest assured that we will inform eveyone ahead of time.

    Greetings Warmane community,

    We are entitled to change the rewards and rules, at any time, if the need arises, either to combat unfair gameplay or to compensate where needed.

  12. Rank 1-20 What that mean?U watching all lvl at the same time or u watch 70s 79s etc separately?

  13. Hello, how long does it take to think?
    After 10 days there are 2 months in which we have no answer from you.
    Thanks for understanding

  14. Still nothing, and to be honest I doubt anything will change.... 2months ? .. seriously, great respect warmane! good job! Imagine playing soloQ for months to get in top1% then not getting reward you promised at start of this topic @Proterean

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