1. [70-79] Most fun class to play in battlegrounds?

    Im thinking about making an alliance twink on the icecrown server. In your opinion whats the most fun class to twink in 70-79 in battlegrounds

  2. DK and resto druids are the most viable ones at 79 I'd say. Though you won't have too much fun if you roll alliance, been playing for a couple days and we're getting steamrolled extremely badly (Graveyard camped, levelers on our side while 2-3 full healers and almost all twinks on their side). If you were to ask my personal opinion, I'd tell you that is not worth playing right now, but you could gear up the twink in case things get better in the future.

  3. I'd say overall the most fun class is hunter, but it depends on what you're looking for.

    Regarding the above poster's comment on the nightmare of Alliance solo q, the man isn't wrong. If you join one of Alliance's wonderful twink guilds like Carried or Rest in Drama, you won't run into that issue so much as we premade frequently. Remember though - only twink one faction.

  4. Every class can be fun.But avoid feral druid enha shaman.These 2 spec what is most useless in bgs usually :D

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