1. Blackcrock problem

    Hi i play on Frostmourne and its unplayable Horde loses anyway and its not fair to play with or vs Blackrock players who buy items from vendors and get instant 80 and gear let them play among eachother.I just got like 8 Alliances from Blackrock and just 1 on Horde and its not the first time,this is litterally unplayable.Hordes who play BR ussualy dont even know what their char does,and ally they do know,and i repeat Ally wins most BGs anyway...Rly hard to ply horde...bad mm. anyway....

  2. if youve been doing arena you should have already outgeared the average blackrock ppl.

  3. In one hand it's good not to have 80% of the team under 3k gs but on the other hand i feel kinda alone when i'm the only one of my team from Frostmourne. Problem is also most blackrock player I've been matched with got no idea how their class work (not gonna lie i like to go on blackrock try new class^^). It feels like you're playing a rpg with friend and someone breaks out of character

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