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    I have a question about the Outland quest "Disrupt their reinforcements", you have to destroy the portals with runic demon stones, or something. I tried that with two chars, lvl 66 and lvl 61, nothing worked, it did not work even to my girlfried. Is that just us, or it doesn work now?

    Thanks for anythinkg helpful

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    First per each portal you will need 4 Demonic Rune Stone. Those drop from each demon. You get 4 destroy one of the portals then you get 4 more and destroy the other. I hope it helps you to complete, if not write a detailed bug report @ warmane's bugtracker

  3. 6 Days Ago  
    Same thing is happening to me. I have all the stones, but it does nothing when I activate the portal no matter where I'm standing. The same thing is happening for several other outland quests. Pretty much anything that involves activating an item, cage, etc.

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    Same here. But it seems to be a new bug. I remember completing it last December with other char.

    Please vote for it in the bug tracker.

    (Bug tracker has tickets from 5 years ago. Not sure if they still work on these bugs.)
    Edited: 4 Days Ago Reason: Added bug tracker link.

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