1. (H) Upcoming Protection Paladin seeking a PvE guild for entry-level raiding.

    Hey guys, I'm a veteran WotLK player who is relatively new to this server, currently raising a Level 50 BE Prot Pally while staying current on my professions. When I do eventually hit 80 I will be doing a variety of content, including rep grinding for old-world factions for tabards and mounts, Argent Tournament, Wintergrasp weeklies, and of course, end-game raiding. My interest is in 10-man Normals to start, both ICC and ToC, and hopefully Hard Modes (including ToGC, Ulduar, and Yogg-Zero in particular) when our team establishes themselves and are capable of doing it.

    To that end, I'm seeking a semi-casual raiding guild that is focused on helping its members to get geared and prepared for raiding, with the hope that I can eventually secure a spot on a core 10-man team as the main tank (though I would be willing to play off-tank as needed too, and will eventually work towards a set of Ret DPS gear). If the guild is forming a new team to start from the beginning of ICC or ToC, even better. I'd be game for some 25-mans as well if the guild needs a fill-in, say if another member is unavailable, but generally I stray from 25-mans as they tend to be too chaotic and bog down my machine. 10 mans are more stable and calm for me.

    My leveling speed is fairly steady, usually 2-4 levels a day until Outlands, and 1-2 per day until Northrend. Then it's generally one level per day, sometimes two if I really push hard. I have a somewhat busy couple of weeks coming up, but I see myself hitting 80 within the next 3-4 weeks most likely, and then the gearing process will begin. My professions are Mining/JC, First Aid, Fishing and Cooking, though I plan to drop Mining for Enchanting once I hit 450 JC. At some point I also plan to make a Resto Shaman alt.

    I live in California and so I'm on PST. Saturdays and Sundays are out for me (unless it's LATE on Sunday, then I can work something out), but my schedule is pretty flexible on the weekdays. I prefer later raids as I play on shared internet (Frontier Wireless) and it tends to be pretty unstable, even when not in use. Looking for something like 9PM-1AM my time for raiding hours, can adjust it a bit depending on guild needs, and I'm always willing to stay up late and commit to longer sessions if thats what the guild desires. I have Discord and a mic/headset, can fill out an application and be present for an interview as required.

    If any recruitment officers feel that I would be a good fit for their community, please hit me up via PM, or send me a tell in game. IGN is Lodsofemone.

    Cheers guys!
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  2. 4 Weeks Ago  
    Level 60 now, Death Verdict has reached out to me, waiting to hear what their raid schedule will be. Saturday is out for sure, but I can make Sundays work if it's a later start, like 10-11PM PST. I get home from work around 9:30PM, so I could hop on as soon as I get home and be ready to go.

    I forgot to mention this, but I am strictly against Loot Council, and except for special circumstances when an executive decision is warranted (say there's two players a really good trinket can go to, one is a reliable player with consistent performance and attendance, the other has great performance but misses raids frequently and comes unprepared, and a decision is needed for who it should go to), I absolutely loathe the concept of Loot Council, as I have been part of far too many corrupt guilds using that system to divert gear to friends and players who weren't deserving of it. I like DKP, that's fine for me, as is Need before Greed (gear priority going to main spec first, then off spec) and simply /random 100, but I've seen too many corrupt Loot Councils in my time and I'm just not comfortable with it. So any guild I join must use something other than Loot Council for raid gear distribution, or at the very least reserve it for very specific and warranted circumstances.
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  3. 3 Weeks Ago  
    Good luck on finding a guild that doesn't use loot council, 80%+ use it

  4. 3 Weeks Ago  
    Good luck on finding a guild that doesn't use loot council, 80%+ use it
    I'm not saying it isn't warranted sometimes, I'm saying it shouldn't be the primary means of deciding loot and should only be reserved for very unique circumstances. Everyone should have a fair chance at loot by just the numbers alone, it should never be decided by someone else.

    Sorry, but I've just been part of too many guilds with corrupt loot councils that either kept gear for themselves or diverted it to people who weren't deserving of it. I don't trust that form of loot distribution anymore.

    It can still be reserved for special circumstances, but I much prefer a system like DKP or EPGP, or even just simple /random 100, with priority always going to main spec first.

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