1. Missing Characters

    Just realized I am missing two characters on my account. Little reading on the forums (which I rarely use) shows that there was a character deletion happening recently.

    The realmlist still shows I have 5 characters.

    Is there a way I can restore my characters ? I can provide details for them if needed. I had no option to submit a ticket, with such a topic.

  2. The realm list shows that amount because of files that are stored in your computer and only get removed if you manually delete the character(s).
    That aside, no, if your characters were in fact removed due to a clean up there's no recovering them now.

  3. Well... I do not know what the reason for them missing is... but if they got removed, that's quite disturbing. I had nice things on them, good amount of gold for the levels as well.....

    How can I contact support to figure out what is happening ?

  4. Characters are only removed if they are inactive for quite a while and are low level (30 or less if I recall). Forewarning of months is given before the clean up happens. If yours did fit that, they won't be recoverable. If their level is higher than that they are just flagged for a rename, but I'm assuming you tried to login and they aren't in the list, so that wouldn't be your case. They could have been manually deleted by someone with access to the account, case in which they can be recovered within 30 days of being deleted.

    You can contact Support with [email protected].

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