We're a few people (6-7 of us) in current <Lotus> that plan to start over again, after the server reset.

What we're looking to join or create is something semi-hardcore that uses Loot Council to distribute loot. We have no interest in loot systems like DKP or EPGP, it's just not as progress-minded in our eyes.

Raid times that we'd be aiming for is about 7-10PM (server time), each reset.

As we'd like to push times and aim to be a top guild on the leaderboards, we'd also want to have proper professions as a requirement.

As it looks right now, our dudes will be rolling:
- Combat Rogue
- Assassination Rogue
- Mage
- Elemental Shaman
- Enhancement Shaman
- Holy Paladin
- Hunter

Would be lovely to find some more like-minded raiders to start planning and building with!

You can feel free to DM me on discord for more info