1. Mithril Veins respawn?

    I would like to ask how big is respawn time for Mithil Veins, coz i dont play here from 2017 on my Pally with mining,
    and i would like to do JC on my DK last time, but today i stayed on Desolance where Mithril Veins was always spawning
    and on 2hours not even one respawn there, someone can tell me, what is going on here?

  2. Yeah so mining in WoW is a bit odd. There actually isn't a traditional timer, the way mining works is that each node has a set of multiple spawn points somewhat close together, only one of those spawn points will spawn at any given point. When a node is mined, a new node spawns somewhere else in the zone. So as a general rule, as mining pressure is increased the spawns increase as well. It isn't as simple as x node respawns x time after mining it. If you aren't finding nodes it either means the area is being actively way over farmed or you aren't looking in the right places

  3. Ok, because when i was mining Mitrhil Ore few years ago on warmane, Mithril Veins have spawn on same spots and it was 20min and i came back to the first which I mined on the begining when i was starting.

  4. So far my vanilla gathering experience on Icecrown is like 5 minutes respawn timer (i've clocked this for herbs) and like random-ish but close to each other spawns. And yes Zerru is right imagine 12k online realm. Everything is constantly being farmed everywhere.

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