1. [NA-Horde] <Supersonic> recruiting for Ulduar progression.

    The guild has since merged. Please check out:

    Edited: September 6, 2021 Reason: Updatess

  2. We're aware of an issue with the form requiring you to sign in (which shouldn't be the case) and are getting it fixed, apologies in advance.

    In the meantime interested players can message the two Discord contacts provided.

    Edit: It has now been fixed. Feel free to use the application form.
    Edited: March 26, 2021

  3. Still looking for healers and a boomie!

  4. May 2, 2021  
    Need an HPal with full experience of the expansion? Also mythic raider on live (recently quit to come back to private server).

  5. Bump for updated progress. Still looking for experienced players across the board.

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