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    Hello, I'm semi-new to WoW, I've played it in the past but I don't really think I ever got past level 40. I mostly played it as a kid, and that was awhile ago. I'm mostly interested in RPing (which I'll use a separate character for), but I wouldn't mind some friends!

    Here a little about me. I'm a american college student, going for an art education degree. I'm female, and American. I enjoy roleplaying quite a bit, and I have about 8, almost 9 years of experience. I've never roleplayed on WoW before (i've tried, but not sure how to get into it). I ended up joining because one of my friends told me about this, and I wanted to play with him.

    If theres a discord for Warmane WoW, feel free to add/invite me. It's flamingo#1925 . You can also PM me the invite link on here as well. My character's name is Naleane , a Blood Elf Priest (already in a guild). Feel free to add me (Wrath of the Ice King). I'm a bit low level for now, as I only played about an hour.

    Its nice to meet you all. Feel free to PM me.

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