1. [H][PvE/PvP][Asia/Oceania] Ironclad Guild Looking For Players After Reset

    Ironclad will be a new semi-hardcore guild on the horde faction after the server reset. We have an experienced group of leaders/officers who are capable of leading every WoTLK content. We are a friendly, and fun group of people who strive to clear content tiers in a relaxed and fun environment. We will be focusing mostly on PvE however we do not shy away from PvP activities either.

    Asia/Oceanic raid times will be around 11:00 GMT.

    Ironclad raids will follow a standard MS>OS>DE Priority for loot. Loots will be distributed using the Loot Council system. Factors ranging from suitability/size of upgrade/attendance will be taken into account when delivering the loot. We will try to deliver the loot fairly and objectively. We do not practice favoritism.

    We require anyone who wants to join to know basic English and also have a basic understanding of their class and the raid contents. Even if you are a beginner but you have a strong determination to learn and follow our directions you are welcome to join. Discord is a must as well but we do not require you to speak.

    Currently, all classes and specs are available to join.

    Interested in joining our guild? Apply @ https://bit.ly/3rrF2vn

    For more info or queries Contact Ironclad#2670 on discord.
    Edited: March 27, 2021

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