I found an addon called blacklisted and I thought its pretty cool. Basically it allows me to blacklist people and warns me every time I target them,mouseover them, join them in a party..etc.

Now with regular ignore, I dont get notified if someone in my party is blacklisted or if someone is trying to whisper me is blacklisted.

The issue with this addon:
1- It has an option to add blacklisted people to ignore list so that you dont see their messages. But it seems like this function is not working. Something must be wrong with the code. I think for someone with coding knowledge, this is gonna be very easy fix and wont take long.
2- If its possible to implement, when deleting someone from Blacklist, then tell the addon to remove them from ignore as well? Basically the reverse of issue #1

I was apple to change the notification sound and also change how often I get notified about a blacklisted person inside the code as these things didnt require me to do any addition but simply modify numbers/names. If the ignoring people