1. Loot display addon?

    Hi, having played for a while on this expansion/patch, I'm pretty aware that there's probably not a good addon to display loot. I know there's X-Loot and others, but what I would like is an addon to display the loot similar to how it is on retail right now.

    The idea is that I don't want to look at the chat or interact with the chat via a tab that displays the loot or something.
    I know most popular addons are being ported to 3.3.5, and some new addons are being developed/forked too, so I was wondering what my options are.

    Please know that I'm trying to have a better visual of what drops or what I end up looting, not the loot window per se.

  2. so how is the loot in retail ? If I know what you are looking for, then I might be able to tell you what is good out there.

  3. https://imgur.com/pP45C6u

    sorry, I forgot to post the image, this is what it looks like, it's a prompt saying "you received" and the item. You can compare it to the achievement prompt.
    This one is obviously big when you get multiple items, but I'm kind of looking for something similar, at least with text, sort of like an MSBT text prompt (MSBT doesn't track this feature, I double checked).

    PS: image was taken from google, I don't own it.

  4. Okay, page is not letting me edit my latest comment, I don't want to double post but just want to state that MSBT does have the option to show Loot on the default "Static" Scroll area, you can even filter items by quality or by specific name.

    Apparently I was using an older version of MSBT that did not have this option for some reason. It's enough for me.

  5. First, you can create a separate window for loot so that it doesn't get mixed up with chat. You can even show loot window and chat window at the same time without having to put each one in a tab. This is done without Addons.

    After that maybe use something to filter loot like this :

    Check files and use version 3.3.0, hopefully it works! I haven't tested.

    So basically you only showing loot you received.

    I tried to look for Chat loot filter / Loot management addons. I am pretty sure if you search these keywords, you will find something.

  6. Thank you! I will check that out.

    I was trying to find something to be able to see better, ignoring the chat window, since I usually keep it hidden while farming. Only visible in cities and while raiding/PvPing.

    Will check that and maybe add it for further config, since it doesn't require addons :)

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