1. I think Blizzard used to have this part correct though. You shouldn't be able to go from PvE to PvP. Just the other way. Even on retail levelling was considerably more work with PvP. There's no way it's fair someone levels in the ez-mode PvE and pops over to PvP at 80 to grief lowbies.

    While I would jump on a PvE realm if one was offered. I don't think allowing PvE to PvP transfers would be in any way fair.
    Why are you having a real discussion in an april fool's thread?

  2. Why are you having a real discussion in an april fool's thread?
    Everyone knows it's april fools. But, a real PvE discussion opened up based upon it. Wasn't aware that wasn't allowed. Must have missed the passing of that bill.

  3. Time to check HP and mana for players strength .. that also if some one doesn't use mix stamina gears :D

  4. This is not gonna fix anything, if you guys want to fix the server add those end-game items into the points shop for like 30+ points at least that will help people gear up instead of raiding for weeks for your gear to drop just to roll against someone and lose...

  5. #MakeUseOfiLevelNotGiantSucker

  6. Same, i wish this could be just a nightmare, bb world pvp bb warmane :(

  7. making it eaiser for the causuals aye this game is gone so far down imma quit

  8. I hear Chris Metzen is joining the Molten WoW team

  9. This is a April Fools joke right? You can't be serious not the type of player to gank lowbies but this has to be a joke?

  10. PVP causes real life violence, that's a proven fact, known since 1970. So it's a good thing, Love > War, especially for virgins like me.

  11. I was thinking of donating 500 euros to buy clothes and do PVP in the open field, but hey, things happen for a reason, thank you.

  12. Sadly sooooo many people are not realizing this is april fools day.

    However a PVE realm would be a nice addition. I know theres a number of people in the guild i am in that would play PVE. Doubt we will ever see it here on Warmane but it could be an idea kicked about as there are tons of PVP realms.

  13. You have no idea on how much and laugh I had from reading all the previous posts, this was the best decision made ever thanks for your confirmation that this is going to last forever, damn this is like a dream came true you are the best Staff ever :D

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