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    that was screenshot from lod fight btw

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    you pet is inactive by the time it runs from you to lk, by the time it runs from lk to ragings on transitions, by the time it runs back to lk after trans, the time it switches targets and after fmc's look at the difference in active time between the hunter and the pet : https://imgur.com/a/60kUptW
    im not talking about your pet being up/alive im talking stictly about its dps active time.

    and no, on a fight lasting the duration of lod, troll sims higher than orc (strictly hunter itself dps)
    We are talking about maximum 1-2 seconds of delays (which prolly are 0.5-1secs.) not 15-20 secs (Which can never cut active time to %75, if its %75 prolly his pet was inactive/wasnt attacking or dead for some time.


    Provide warmane log pages fully, since this one is prolly taken at catacalysm but it shows clearly that active times gap between hunters and his/her pet never be that big.
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    Heres wotlk 15 mins fights

    https://imgur.com/AcHSj3n (normal kill.)

    Can you see the gap and active times? Symx: 81,7 Pillesnopp: 91,72, pet active times differences from different hunters from same fight.

    And the damage that pets have done by percentage

    Symx' pet: %9,93
    Pillesnopp' pet: %10,65

    By Outlaw guild of Frostmourne, both are nelves, if they were orcs both of their total dps would increase by %0.5 just by pet.

    LOD Fight by Toxicology: (some members semt to joined different guilds.)

    1st hunter pet active: %46 (So this is cause of those mini runs to boss?)
    2nd hunter pet active: %84

    LOD Fight by Afterlight (no kill, wipe at 13.30mins.): (The hunter you mentioned have +%5 more active time on pet this time.)

    1st hunter (Tosidhunta): %80,4
    2nd hunter: %80,8

    Another try:
    1st hunter: %79,8
    2nd hunter: %77,7

    You can check more, we ve %41 uptime and %92 uptime, I even saw more than %100 uptime on pet on a specific guild (which was active for 311 seconds, while hunter being active for 300seconds, he died and didnt get rez as it semt.) and the other hunter had %70 uptime, this is the point since those extra seconds are gained at frostmourne. http://www.worldoflogs.com/realm/us/icecrown most of the user created guilds belong to warmane. Its not a valid thing to say pet is inactive since some people can use the pets effectively while some others cant and most of those seconds are gained during frostmourne phases.
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    im from both toxicology and afterlight, and trust me, you cant look at logs from toxicology to make statements KEKW,

    also the picture u sent, idk wtf theyre from but 43% active time is dog****, ive checked about 8 different lod logs to see coreletion between hunter and pet active time, and all of them are never the same exact active time, its simply impossible. also you cant look at pet dps logs and say theyre all fully accurate comparisons, some people do double CoTW without their 2nd pet even being buffed, which results in almost half pet dps loss

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    lets just end it here this is pointless, at the end being an orc wont mean wether or not u outdps a troll one, all revolves on if you suck or not

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    lets just end it here this is pointless, at the end being an orc wont mean wether or not u outdps a troll one, all revolves on if you suck or not and the will of the RNGod.
    Not disagree yet added something there.

    About logs, it was my point that you cant make statements from the beginning for everything, specially not active times since every frostmourne phase adds +30-40 seconds to hunter.

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