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    Yeah, instead of getting farmed by people from other realms, you'll get farmed by people from Lordaeron only, if that makes you happy - myself included!
    ah yes, getting farmed by people from lordaeron. name 10 big geared pvpers who are gonna farm me from alliance, and name 5 from horde. you have about 2 years to bring the list.

    again, if you dont care about it, ignore it, it will not affect you. if you have something against it, then you have a problem.

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    Dont think this idea is right. Players of other servers usually play on BGs to gear up and hey are low geared in most. 6k gs pvp is enought to play vs them. It's not so hard to get rank 1600. Lordaeron players have better PVE gear parts for this lvl so often they have advantage. If they wont play with good players they gonna be more skilless in cause they wont see good players at all and will scary to see good players also at all. There isnt too much players on warmane who play BGs. You can see same pplz if you do BGs nonstop. If you will sunder some players from it it wont be good action also. Non mercenaries-alliance wait BGs enought long time. Players cant wait 1h in raid awaiting so why do they have to wait few hours for 1 BG? Alot of players dont know about mercenary mode option on site. About this option will know really low number of pplz. So you just wont fill any BG or will fill it really rare. Also you need to keep contact with alot of horde players to make them use this option also or you need to make alliance players to use mercenary mode, but alot of alliance players dislike to play as horde. Also I belive that for skilled players will borring to play vs Lordaeron players.
    PS got 1950 in 2s.

    If be honest, main problem of BGs is that mutchmaking system is unfair. In 99% of games one side is much more stronger than other one. You can do anything and lose. Or you can do nothing and win. Really balanced games are very rare. If muchtmaking system will fair you dont need to care about your low gear in cause you will meet same opponent.
    may be warmane stuff has to analyse BIS list of pvp players and make analyse. In conclusion we can get our own rank gear score like gear score but for pvp. Patterns for any spec can being ranged on arena ranks and should be based on GS and resilence of BIS players for this spec. Example: Im disco priest, my gear rank power is around 2100, I got 6167 GS and 1397 resilence.

    Anyway alot of players want ranked BGs but they dont know about it. If it will come so power of player will ranged with rank of his team or his own rank. let's use 5v5 PVP team slot. There is 2 ways how to do it: 1) everyone has his own rank as in soloque (modern rank way) or 2) everyone has rank based on rank of team like typical arena team (wotlk typical rank way). Rewards should be such good as in 3v3. let's make this mod actual on server and warmane will geat real advantage versus retail server. Alot of retail players miss ranked battlegrounds and hate modern retail grind system. So why we, retail players in past, play here, on warmane.
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    This has been suggested before and we don't have any plans for it. Cross realm was implemented in part to help solve the lack of people queuing on some realms at certain times and then we added gear brackets to even things up further.

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