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    soloque really needs some changes

    first change the requirement to play it from "3 battleground wins" into something like atleast 750 arena rating in 2v2 or 3v3. the amount of clowns that are are so absolutly trash at this game, queing up and wasting my time and their own is incredible! i que up to lose, there is no point in playing with them and no chance in winning. they just go 1-18. they lack any arena expierience. and also you should atleast give us a option to ban a class from being matched with on the same team. im talking about disciline priest here specfically. for some reason it attracts every **** sucker, they just get tunneled by the p2w donator warriors and die in 4 seconds.

    thanks, i know i speak the truth just wanted to tell you this. if those changes would get implemented it would siginificly improve the quality and game expierience of all of us

  2. 1 Week Ago  
    You talk like that only you are ending up with those people and never the opposing team. You cant lose every match and will eventually end up with better people more often as your rating increases if you are above the average. And about increasing soloq quality, 750 arena rating is nothing but it can at least stop wondering people from que ing that fast without learning, though you can easily bypass that by inviting anyone to a 1k+ rated team. And about banning x class, its way too flawed and exploitable, you as x ban y class, z bans x and there you go, you increased the que timer a ton and also that z might wanna have y on his/her team but getting teamed with x would prevent that, so system should work only when all 3 players banned y class which will prolly create arranged teams which would destroy soloq mentality.

  3. 1 Week Ago  
    "Solo queuing" is the Random Dungeon/Random Battlegroud of Arenas. Joining it means you understand you are doing away with the "hassle" of building a proper team, but also accepting and making yourself available to join with whoever, be them great or complete newbies. If you want to pick and choose who you play with and their skill level, create an actual team instead of expecting the solo queue system to allow you to narrow down who you get grouped with.

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