1. [EU] Impulse


    An EU based guild looking for like-minded individuals interested in ICC progression. We are in need of consistent and reliable players who are willing to put in the time and effort into pushing content.


    Lord Marrowgar
    Lady Deathwhisper
    Gunship Battle
    Deathbringer Saurfang
    Professor Putricide
    Blood Prince Council
    Blood-Queen Lana'thel
    Valithria Dreamwalker
    The Lich King


    Thursday: ICC | Sunday: ICC continuation / Sunwell
    17:30h-21:00h Server Time
    Invites going out 17:15h


    -Adequate gear for ICC, fully gemmed and enchanted.

    -Discord, mic not required but optimal (excluding tanks).

    -Being able to maintain at least 90% attendance.
    -Being punctuate.

    -PvE professions and consumables for the entirety of the raid.
    -Knowledge of your class and encounters.
    -Willingness to research, learn and improve.


    -We are using loot council in our raids.
    -The way we distribute loot is based on Attendance>Performance<=>Upgrade>Rank>Alts.
    -Any extra effort will not go unnoticed and will be rewarded.
    -Trials will not be eligible for loot unless other raiders do not need the item.
    -Trial period is 1-2 raid resets (1-2 weeks).


    Death Knight: Blood | Frost | Unholy

    Druid: Balance | Bear | Feral | Restoration

    Hunter: Beastmastery | Marksmanship | Survival

    Mage: Arcane | Fire | Frost

    Paladin: Holy | Protection | Retribution

    Priest: Discipline | Holy | Shadow

    Rogue: Assassination | Combat | Subtlety

    Shaman: Elemental | Enhancement | Restoration

    Warlock: Affliction | Demonology | Destruction

    Warrior: Arms | Fury | Protection

    Always accepting exceptional players regardless of current recruitment needs.
    Having an offspec is highly encouraged but not required.


    If you are interested in joining our guild, APPLY HERE or whisper an officer for a chat.

    Edited: December 17, 2021

  2. Alliance or Horde?

    And the colors for recruitment? Red=full, yellow=exceptional, green=needed?

  3. May 10, 2021  

  4. HM progression and recruitment updated.

  5. Algalon 25 down, recruitment updated

  6. Hello, the yellow colours in the recruitment are the needed classes and red ones are filled up? Is that right?

  7. Hello, the yellow colours in the recruitment are the needed classes and red ones are filled up? Is that right?
    Yes, that's right.

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