1. Auction in STV

    I put auction in stv 5x abyss crystal for 1 silver to transfer it from horde to ally, and I use 2 computers to do that. My reaction to buy an item takes max 2sec and the item was bought by someone in 1sec or even less. The point is that near me there wasn't noone and it is a player 2 lvl from horde I thought maybe some rogue but my horde character didnt see it either next to me. Is there any addon that is buying items from far away? Or it's a bot.
    If it's a but how can I try to get my abysses back is there any chance?

  2. There's a more neutral auction houses fyi, 2 on booty bay, one on winterspring and on tanaris as well.

  3. Ah but this guy was in STV when I put /who nick

  4. May 14, 2021  
    All neutral Auction houses are linked.

    So if you post in STV it will show up on TN and Winterspring.

    It more than likely got snatched up by a player smart enough to check those AH's for people moving materials around like that.

    Not much you can do other than be safer or do it during off hours.

  5. May 14, 2021  
    There are bots in those auction houses 24/7 because people use them to move items between factions.

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