1. May 22, 2021  
    Nah it's not but they deleted the posts cause it's not 10 people that dont like the change compared to first succesfull season this one is rng either it will work out or will not people will still play so they got nothing to lose but the people that actually played the game a freking lot and enjoyed the server those people are already gone including me we waited whit such hype to be treated to this b....**** the full reason server become empty and people were not playing that much anymore was cause of that mix whit the blackrock realm when from first releasing deathbringers trinkets literally 1 week after blackrock entered whit heroic / normal one whit 1 kill wich all the people that done 50 raids or donated for them remained wtf cause the bg's were flood whit blackrock , either way i love warmane but i hate the new seasonal whit passion , best of wishes and move on .

  2. May 22, 2021  

    I'm not sure to understand how it works.

    In Blackrock with a s5 character, if I hold a 264 Medallion of the Horde, will I still be grouped with other s5 people if i tag soloq?

    Am i allowed to change any of my piece of gear and still fighting against/with s5 people?

    Thanks to enlighten me

  3. May 24, 2021  
    Make cross-realm BG's optional! For Lordaeron too please!!

  4. May 25, 2021  
    Why is there a banner of victory on frostmorne and not on blackrocke? they use it.

  5. May 31, 2021  
    I just want to report that checking pve 25 man weapon vendor, fast weapons that are intended to be off-hand weapons (i.e. Hand of Nerub, Webbed Death) cost 3150 Arena Points, that is a lot compared to pvp (off-hands and held in off-hand ==> 1350 AP) counterparts. I guess it slipped when arranging vendors, I just ask if you can please correct that.

    Many thanks in advance

  6. Can i use the coin shop on blackrock to buy items for my seasonal characters?

  7. Can i use the coin shop on blackrock to buy items for my seasonal characters?
    Yes, you can check by your own.
    https://www.warmane.com/account -> Store
    Blackrock -> select your seasonal character -> Coins

    The gear available should be different from the one showed when selecting a "normal" blackrock character.
    It should be based on the one currently available on "Frostmorune" realm

  8. Giving ppl free full relentless and letting them cross realm pvp was a mistake. I understand "i can do it to" but I don't like to play on blackrock. I enjoy the progression in PVE and PVP on my one chars from the other realms. Actually had to do a fair bit of grinding just to be on a level playing field with ppl from blackrock If I wanna play with those chars. The biggest issue is the fact that any rewarding progression ppl get from farming pvp gear on other realms is completely gone and diminished. (whether that be furious, relentless or wrathful). It was so much better when ppl on blackrock started with furious. Honestly since it's all free anyway they should start with the blue set and have to earn the furious as well in the lower brackets. Atleast then there would be some sort of goals to reach.

  9. how dead the cross arena is even though it's crossrealm lol.

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