1. May 13, 2021  

    Sharing interface and addons settings between multiple accounts

    I'm Looking for an effective way for Sharing interface and Addons settings between multiple accounts

    The manual file/folders copy and even addons profiles is too old and time consuming.Especially when you work with many accounts

    Something that does it in real time,periodicaly or after a logout and after a confirmation ,ofcourse

    There should be a way,either an advanced addon ,a software or combination of both

    Any suggestions?
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  2. May 13, 2021  
    I did this with symlinks in my WTF folder structure. Basically you move your character folders from other accounts to your main account and then recreate each alt account's folder as a symlink that points to your main account. I went a step further and symlinked my duplicate classes into a single folder so now if I change a macro or reconfigure an addon on one character it'll be updated on the others. You can even make it all point and click using this shell extension instead of a series of commands.

    This is the basic series of steps I use with the shell extension after backing everything up just in case.

    Delete WTF\Account\ALT_ACCOUNT_NAME
    Right click WTF\Account\MAIN_ACCOUNT_NAME -> Pick Link Source
    Right click anywhere inside WTF\Account -> Drop As -> Symbolic Link

    Then rename the newly created folder link to match whatever ALT_ACCOUNT_NAME was originally and you should now have addon profiles available to the alt account and general macros in sync.

    There is one massive issue this enables and that is if you have 2+ accounts logged in at once and they all do a clean exit or log out at the same time there's a high chance of addon data being corrupted. So either don't log them all out at the same time or make sure the one with important changes logs out last.

  3. May 13, 2021  
    This is what I readed too,about Symlinks and yes i do log with multiply accounts at once and that would be a problem

    Maybe something that would synchronize selected file/s / folder/s ,only when its told to

  4. May 13, 2021  
    Sadly I haven't come across a solution for that so far.

  5. May 13, 2021  
    I believe Reflux addon does something similar in game.It emulates a profile that uses selected addons profiles. Basically you can set all or at least most of addons setting of a character,with several clicks
    I m still figuring out how to do it

  6. May 13, 2021  
    I wrote a Python script that takes as many files as you want as arguments. Then it finds out which is the file that was modified more recently and copies it over the rest of files. It's useful to me because I'm only interested in synchronising the changes of a certain addon.

    import os
    import shutil
    import sys
    most_recent_ts = 0
    most_recent_file = None
    for file in sys.argv[1:]:
        if os.path.getmtime(file) > most_recent_ts:
            most_recent_ts = os.path.getmtime(file)
            most_recent_file = file
    for file in sys.argv[1:]:
        if file != most_recent_file and most_recent_ts > os.path.getmtime(file):
            print('Copying %s over %s' % (most_recent_file, file))
            shutil.copyfile(most_recent_file, file)
    Then I launch wow with a .cmd file:

    python sync.py WTF\Account\ACCOUNT1\SavedVariables\aux-addon.lua WTF\Account\ACCOUNT2\SavedVariables\aux-addon.lua WTF\Account\ACCOUNT3\SavedVariables\aux-addon.lua WTF\Account\ACCOUNT4\SavedVariables\aux-addon.lua WTF\Account\ACCOUNT5\SavedVariables\aux-addon.lua
    start /max /high wow.exe
    Also I configured Windows' File History to make constant backups of my WTF folder to avoid the usual poo-poos.

  7. May 14, 2021  
    I will try this

    Seems a little complicated but if it works its worth

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