1. May 14, 2021  

    new BR player trying to figure what's going on

    hi all, i made my first character in Blackrock
    so i logged in and found the NPC telling me that i am automatically engaged in Seasonal Mode and will progress alongside Frostmourne's PVP Seasons and that this is optional
    so, thus far i gather there are two modes, 1) the Seasonal (Frostmourne) Mode and 2) a not-seasonal mode (if i choose to leave the Seasonal Mode)? correct?
    i don't see any options to leave the Seasonal Mode though

    below i see an option labeled as Season 8 opt-in and if i choose it i get the message that i will be able to play in the Season 8 arena adder against Icecrown and Lordaeron
    so this is a 2nd seasonal mode and all in all there are three modes?
    1) the Seasonal (Frostmourne) Mode, 2) the not-seasonal mode (leave Seasonal (Frostmourne) Mode), 3) the Season 8 opt-in option (Icecrown+Lordaeron) mode?
    you 've probably have guessed by now that i have no idea what's going on

    a) what is each mode? how do they differ? what do i loose by choosing each of those modes?
    b) how can i leave the Seasonal (Frostmourne) Mode? or is 2) mode = 3) mode?

  2. May 14, 2021  
    Here you go friend some official information so you can grasp the idea:


  3. May 18, 2021  
    thnx friend but the reason i came here to ask is precisely because i have read the aforementioned post which doesn't explain what the normal mode is, how to get out of the Seasonal Mode and whether the Season 8 opt-in mode is something else

  4. May 26, 2021  
    this is a late response, but in case it is still unclear to some:

    There are two modes on Blackrock: the seasonal (season 5, crossrealm with Frostmourne) and the regular (season 8, crossrealm with icecrown and lordaeron).
    When creating a new character you are in the seasonal mode. In front of you there will be an NPC that allows you to opt out of it/opt in to season 8 which would put you in the other "Regular" mode. I refer to it as regular as the season 5 mode is the new one, while the other one is the same one that has been present for quite a while.

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