1. May 23, 2021  
    Taken from the same thread:
    Yeah I imagine as much. Even in PVE, WoW is a somewhat competitivie game, where players will want what is true-and-tested. Look at GS for example, raids that I think could be completed with a 4.5-4.8gs are being lead by players ho ask 5k-5.2k+.

    My casual-*** is not going to change anything about the meta, and in the end it is fine. I don't care that much, I just want to play.

  2. May 23, 2021  
    I wouldn't worry about their opinion on tank warriors, they are sheeple and follow already made up opinions on forums, blogs or ingame. If you are a good pWar (understanding your cds based on circumstance, what gear you need, how to hold aggro) you'll do good, if you are bad you will wipe, nothing much to add.

  3. June 5, 2021  
    Tank Warriors are the worst tank in this expansion, they also carry an stigma of being bad because back in the day they were really bugged in this server (now they work fine) but that doesn't mean they are useless.
    I personally have a 5.3 warr tank, only geared through pugs and I have never encountered someone complaining because I'm a warr tank. The lack of tanks in this server is so prominent that people don't really care what is tanking as long as they are keeping aggro and staying alive.

    Just play whatever you want man, there is videos of people downing LK HC 25 with a prot warr, so they definitely can work.

  4. You'd be better off as Tank while you're starting out - especially RDF for emblems.

    After that, a Warrior can be useful as damage dealer with tank offspec, especially in pug 25 mans, where noone likes to have their tank "dc" and seek a replacement. An available offspec tank is always nice.

    For most classes, in general, it would be better/easier to raid as DD with tank/healer as offspec, while getting their gear up. Same applies to Warrior.

  5. Prot warrior isn't bad. People just prefer the easy way out. Paladin who has two lives with ardent defender are nice. DK's who have insane self healing. Bears who are insanely tanky with lots of HP. All those are "better" than a warrior. Yeah wrong. No tank is better than the others. Everyone brings something to the table.
    I'm assuming you play horde. Otherwise I'd be happy to take you in my guild and help you. Gear wise, tactics wise, anything. We actually have quite a few prot warriors and they even tank 25 HC with no problems. :)
    Yeah they need a hand of sacrifice sometimes or another external CD but it's fun and different. ^^
    On topic tho - As tank you get in way more RDF's than as DPS. You are worshiped by everyone as soon as the RDF pops. Grind gear that way. ;)

  6. If you want to be a warrior tank , then do these steps:

    1. Find a good guild. I found one where I am playing as a furry (because im lazy these days) and I get to change to prot when ever needed.
    2. Get t10 4x fast as possible.
    3. Get skeleton key for that extra stamina until something better comes of.
    4. Yes you can tank lich king 10 hc with no problems or even be an off tank.

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